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FFWN: Who Nuked Beirut?

Broadcasts live 30 minutes earlier than usual this Saturday, 10:30-11:30 a.m. Eastern, on  With State Dept. whistleblower J. Michael Springmann, author of Visas for al-Qaeda PSAs 1) Help FFWN Ask “Who Nuked Beirut?” 2) Webinar August 8: Could the 2020 Election Be Stolen? 3) How to Inoculate Your Team Against Conspiracy Theories (Harvard Business Review) Beirut 4) Beirut (mini-nuke?) explosion: footage shows massive blast shaking Lebanon’s capital 5) Israel destroys East Beirut with a new weapon 6) “This is not just ammonium nitrate,” former CIA operative says of explosion 7) Trump says US generals tell him Beirut blast ‘bomb…


FFWN: Roger Waters Apologizes for Telling the Truth

Broadcasts live Saturdays 11 to Noon Eastern on This episode’s guest commentator is J. Michael Springmann PSA  1) Help FFWN Remain Unapologetic! COVID Agenda: Econopocalypse & War on China? 2) China conducting covert biological weapons research, State Dept. says (to set up China for the fall) 3 )The Second Great Depression Incitement 4) Largest Newspaper in Tennessee Publishes Huge Ad Saying “Islam” Will Nuke Nashville on July 28        For background on possible false flag nuking of US cities see: and 5) Trump Directs People to Watch Random Black on White Violence Video: ‘Looks What’s Going on Here’ Culture…


FFWN: The Beast Whose Number Is HR-6666

Watch FFWN live Saturdays 11 to noon Eastern: PSA 1) Help FFWN Paint the Real Picture 9/11 2) In court filing, FBI accidentally reveals name of Saudi official suspected of directing support for 9/11 hijackers 3) Refuting a Demolition Denier’s False Claims about Iron Microspheres WW3 vs. China? 4) Trump said the US ‘could cut off the whole relationship’ with China as tensions escalate during the pandemic 5) US Deploys B-1Bs, Warships In South China Sea As China Nationalists Call For Invasion Of Taiwan 6) CHINESE STATE MEDIA CALLS FOR BUILDING UP CHINA’S ‘NUCLEAR DETERRENT’ DUE TO ‘BULLYING IMPULSE’…


FFWN: Warning! Coronavirus Containment Zone—Abandon Rights Ye Who Enter Here

Broadcasts live Fridays 11 to noon Eastern on PSA: 0) FFWN: A Weekly Inoculation Against MSM Propaganda—Please Support Us! Trump: A Man of No Convictions 1) Trump unleashes fury at impeachment, Democrats and Romney at prayer event 2) Psychiatrists tell Congress Trump’s acquittal was invalid: “Not mentally competent to stand trial” 3) Trump Should Have Been Convicted over Israel not Ukraine -Kevin in AFP also posted for subscribers at Coronavirus Biowar? 3.5) FFWN’s Helen Buyniski: Coronavirus a “Drill Gone Live”? 4) Dr. Francis Boyle Creator Of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon 5) Coronavirus Biowar vs. China:…


Discussing “Deal of the Century” with J. Michael Springmann on Press TV; then explaining impeachment to Radio Islam

Listen HERE Had I been in the room with Trump, Netanyahu, and that truckload of applauding sycophants bussed in from the Israeli Embassy, and had been forced to sit down in the front row and listen to Trump-and-Bibi’s “Deal of the Century” bullshit, I could easily have suicide-bombed the whole place without needing an explosive vest—since just listening to the live feed made me so angry I almost went up in a 100 megaton fireball while merely sitting at my desk ; – ) But seriously, folks, we have a serious problem with evil in high places. Today’s show features…


J. Michael Springmann: Internet oligarchs censoring “weaponized migration”

Broadcast here August 23rd, 11 to noon Eastern then archived. All my shows are archived at my Patreon page – please consider subscribing! A strange thing happened when J. Michael Springmann paid FaceBook to advertise his new book GoodbyeEurope? HelloChaos?: Merkel’s Migrant Bomb. Whereas his previous book Visas for Al-Qaeda had picked up hundreds of “likes” through the FaceBook program, the new one was only getting a handful. After a long and frustrating investigation, Springmann finally was informed that his book had been stifled because it was “hate speech.” And no, they weren’t going to refund his money! Mike Springmann, a practicing attorney and former…

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