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Kevin MacDonald and Cat McGuire on DC “Save America” Rally a.k.a. “The Insurrection”

Listen HERE Prof. Kevin MacDonald of the Occidental Observer recently published Cat McGuire‘s article “I was at the Washington D.C. ‘Save America’ rally.” Not so many years ago, that would have seemed incongruous: Cat was a hardcore leftist while Kevin MacDonald, an evolutionary psychologist, has long been an intellectual inspiration of the white identitarian movement and the alt-right. But now, as hegemonic pseudo-liberal oligarchy mutates into tyranny, MacDonald and McGuire aren’t so far apart. Both side with the (nonviolent) folks at the Stop the Steal rally, and both are pessimistic about America’s future under a Biden Administration.


Crossing Ideological Divides on Stop-the-Steal Protest with Kevin MacDonald, Cat McGuire, and William Woodward

Listen live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio – later archived at Patreon The USA is riven by an ideological divide like never before in history, with the possible exceptions of 1776 and 1860. Half the population wants to cancel the other half. Everybody’s in their own echo chamber, their own social media bubble, dismissing everything the other side says as lies and “conspiracy theories.” In hopes of starting some actual dialogue, we’re going to bust down the barriers and bring on three people with distinctively different ideological orientations. Call it “an alt-right white identitarian, a recovering leftist, and…


FFWN: MAGA-Meltdown in DC: Coup or Counter-Coup?

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