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FFWN: “Coup & Assassination Plots that Deserve Our Support”

Watch above Saturdays after 1 pm Eastern.

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0) Help FFWN Expose Candidates Who Need Drug Tests

Good News for a Change

1) Assange Freed, Returns to Australia

Prez Wannabes

2) Iran Votes 2024: Presidential race goes to runoff between Pezeshkian and Jalili

3) NYT Times Urges Biden to Die, Run as Corpse (Kevin parodies “resign!” editorial)

4) Ahead of debate, Trump escalates calls for Biden drug tests, accusations of CNN bias

5) ‘This wasn’t a debate, it was a medical emergency’

6) NYT focus group shows RFK Jr. voters marginally less stupid than average Americans as Time Magazine says the 1st debate boosts his candidacy


7) Latimer defeats Bowman with $15 million worth of help from AIPAC

8) Cynthia McKinney: Jamaal Bowman Denounced Me Under AIPAC Orders, But It Didn’t Save Him

9) Zionists gloat over sudden death of Rep. Thomas Massie’s wife

10) Israel targets US public with massive propaganda campaign: Report


11) Supreme Court Approves Biden’s Censorship of Social Media

12) After years of fights over mask mandates, why do some states now want to ban face coverings?

Zios vs. Peace

13) Netanyahu says he won’t agree to a deal that ends the war in Gaza, testing the latest truce proposal

14) The US and Israel missed many opportunities for peace with Hamas. Will this time be any different?


15) Ten children per day in Gaza have their legs amputated: UNRWA – Save the Children estimates about 21,000 children are missing due to Israel’s bombing of Gaza

16) Israeli phosphorus shells burn south Lebanon after fierce Hezbollah attacks


18) Israeli electricity chief faces removal after warning against war with Lebanon

Axis of Resistance

19) Hamas Is Winning: Why Israel’s Failing Strategy Makes Its Enemy Stronger

20) Yemen releases footage of striking Israel ship with ‘hypersonic ballistic missile’

Coup & Assassination Plots that Deserve Our Support

21) ‘Clear and Immediate Threat’ – Likud Official Warns of Attempt to Assassinate Netanyahu

22) Sara Netanyahu accuses IDF chiefs of coup against husband

Truth Eruptions

23) Candace Hits the Third Rail – Israeli Involvement in 9/11

24) Wikipedia declares ADL ‘unreliable’ on Israel-Palestine conflict, antisemitism

War on Russia

25) Kremlin issues warning over ‘barbaric’ Crimea attack

26) Biden likely to allow US contractors to deploy in Ukraine – CNN


27) Rabidly Russophobic Jew Incites Genocide of Slavs, Wins German Peace Prize

28) New German citizens required to affirm genocidal entity’s right to keep committing genocide

Bimbo Eruptions

29) Tommy Rubenstein Goes Broke Buying Coke & Whores, Orchestrates Own Arrest to Launch Fundraiser: “I’m Going to Get Nicked in Calgary”

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