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FFWN: The Panopticon Is Already Here

Broadcasts live Saturdays 11 to noon Eastern on PSAs 1) Stand Up for FFWN! 2) 9/11 Film Festival Will be Virtual this Year 3) Geoff Campbell’s Family Seeks to Reopen 9/11 Controlled Demolition Murder Case Who Nuked Beirut? 4) Esper appears to backtrack on Beirut explosion cause after White House pushback 5) NETANYAHU ANNOUNCED TO THE WORLD IN 2018 THAT ISRAEL WAS GOING TO MISSILE ATTACK A SUPPOSED HEZBOLLAH ARMS STORE NEXT TO BEIRUT PORT. THIS WEEK, THEY TURNED IT INTO BEIRUTSHIMA. EERILY SIMILAR TO THE 2015 DESTRUCTION OF TIANJIN PORT China Syndrome 6) China and Russia ditch dollar 7)…


John Shuck on his pilgrimage to Karbala; Cat McGuire and Andrew Blair debate the term “holohoax”

Listen HERE First hour: John Shuck is a Presbytarian pastor and KBOO Portland radio host with an exemplary commitment to truth and justice. (Check out his Palm Sunday and Easter sermons.) We discuss his Arbaeen pilgrimage to Karbala, the subject of his new documentary film For Love of Hussain (A.S.)…as well as the subject of my article “Arbaeen: The World’s Biggest Event.” We also discuss the ongoing annihilation of free speech and free thought by the forces of Orwellian censorship—including those that pressured the KBOO board to force John to cancel his planned interview with me. (Negotiations aimed at rescinding…