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FFWN: Donbass Joins Russia, Biden Blows Up Nordstream (with Cat McGuire)

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Not by bread alone: US leaders as clueless as Mubarak in confronting real cause of unrest

A few hours ago, universally-loathed Egyptian President-for-Life Hosni Mubarak delivered his non-resignation speech: a masterpiece of cluelessness. Seeking to blame anyone but himself, Mubarak fired his cabinet and said he would hire another one tomorrow. This did not exactly dispel the impression that Mubarak is a pompous, egotistical dictator who is completely out of touch with the fact that his people all hate his guts a lot more than his cabinet’s. Rivaling Mubarak in the cluelessness category was Joe Biden, piping in: “Mubarak is no dictator and should not step down.” Upping the ante in the cluelessness sweepstakes was Hilary…