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FFWN: Europe Goes Antisemitic! (with E. Michael Jones)

Watch above Saturdays after 1 pm Eastern.

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1) Help Kevin, E-Mike, & the crew keep offering unique perspectives on antisemitism

Europe Goes Antisemitic: Britain

2) Jewish Oligarchy Revamps and Re-Installs Labour Party

3) Keir Starmer Victimized by Antisemitic Tories?

4) Jewish Tribalist Keir Starmer’s Support for Genocide “Alienates Some Labour Supporters”

Europe Goes Antisemitic: France

5) Macron’s implicit endorsement of ‘antisemitic,’ ‘pro-Hamas’ far left shocks French Jews

6) As France reels from alleged rape of a Jewish girl, antisemitism comes to fore in election campaign

Europe Goes Antisemitic: Germany

7) Jewish Sports Journalist Terrified by German Happiness & Laughter

8) Germany counters antisemitism in new citizenship law requiring the recognition of genocidal entity’s right to keep committing genocide


9) Verified document from Israeli Ministry of Intelligence in October 2023 suggests forced displacement of Gaza civilians to Egypt would “yield positive and long term strategic results”

10) NY Times obfuscates latest Zionist theft of Palestinian land

11) Running Amok – the IOF inhumanity on display in Gaza

12) How Israel Destroyed Gaza’s Ability to Feed Itself

13) IDF soldiers say repeated warnings of Hamas activity prior to Oct. 7 attacks were ignored

Axis of Resistance to Genocide

14) Hezbollah fires over 200 rockets into Israel after killing of senior commander

15) The Houthis are getting smarter with their Red Sea attacks, and the ships sailing these waters are paying the price

16) Yemen’s hypersonic missiles: A West Asian military revolution

17) Russia warns Israel over Ukraine missiles

18) Former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett Begs Israelis Not to Leave

Biden Meltdown

19) The DNC Campaign To Oust Biden Has Failed  

20) Russian Sources: Biden Beat Trump in Debate But Zionists Want You to Think Otherwise

21) The Best Biden Ever: “Sharp as a Tack”

22) NYT Urges Biden to Die, Run as Corpse


23) Donald Trump claims Biden is quitting election – and calls vice president Kamala Harris “so f*ing bad” and “pathetic”

24) “Christian Zionist Revolutionary” Steve Bannon Reassures Milquetoast Crypto-Jew David Brooks That Bannon Loves Jewish Power and Hates Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorists

25) Steve Bannon wants Jews to ‘hard weld’ to Christian nationalists. Not so fast

Real Election

26) Iran’s First Debate in Run-Off Between Jalili and Pezeshkian

27) Iran Announces Winner: It’s Pezeshkian


28) Candace Owens questions the 9/11 official story

29) CIA-Mossad Agent Omar al-Bayoumi “Cased” Capitol with “Hijackers” According to Newly-Released Video  Omar’s nephew Ehaab says he worked for CIA-Mossad-MI6

Kosher Lawfare

30) Roberta Kaplan as a Jewish Type

31) Palm Beach prosecutor painted Epstein victims as prostitutes, grand jury records show

Doggie Diner

32) Panicking MSM says RFK Jr. groped dog and ate babysitter (or was it the other way around?)

One Thought to “FFWN: Europe Goes Antisemitic! (with E. Michael Jones)”

  1. Birhan Dargey

    Difficultb to understand how a high IQ PHDs jews believe the most absurd Holocauts Claism as true. Evnethough those Holocaust claims are logistically/mathematically/scientifically/humankly IMPOSSBLE. I caught a glimpse into the origisn of their jewish/holocaust paranoia, Some of them are confessing how deeply the Rabbis/Yeshivas brainwashed them with exggerated hideous Holocaust stories. Others blamed their Yeshiva upbringing for their paranoia. There is however a part missing in the jewish paranoia is their RELIGIOUS indoctrination from early age and age . The Rabbis used abuse distort altered The Torah to ingrain jewish little children with HATE for th goyim.

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