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FFWN: Europe Goes Antisemitic! (with E. Michael Jones)

Watch above Saturdays after 1 pm Eastern. Rumble link  Bitchute link PSA 1) Help Kevin, E-Mike, & the crew keep offering unique perspectives on antisemitism Europe Goes Antisemitic: Britain 2) Jewish Oligarchy Revamps and Re-Installs Labour Party 3) Keir Starmer Victimized by Antisemitic Tories? 4) Jewish Tribalist Keir Starmer’s Support for Genocide “Alienates Some Labour Supporters” Europe Goes Antisemitic: France 5) Macron’s implicit endorsement of ‘antisemitic,’ ‘pro-Hamas’ far left shocks French Jews 6) As France reels from alleged rape of a Jewish girl, antisemitism comes to fore in election campaign Europe Goes…