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FFWN: Did US and Israel Just Admit Defeat? (with Cat McGuire)

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Breaking News

1A) Controversial lawyer Alan Dershowitz considered to lead Israel’s genocide defence at ICJ (will he found a “Pedophiles for Genocide” 501(c)3?)  vs. John Mearsheimer’s brief for the prosecution

Admissions of Defeat?

2) Economist: Israel Is Losing. Fire Netanyahu! 

2A) Israel says it will pull out thousands of troops from Gaza

3) Israeli Supreme Court strikes down Bibi’s controversial judicial overhaul law

4) Exclusive: US to bring back aircraft carrier from eastern Mediterranean

5) “No Stomach” In US To Keep Funding Ukraine As ‘War Is Over’: Ex-Pentagon Official

State Terrorism

6) Iran Confirms Over 70 Killed By Terror Attacks On Memorial Event For IRGC’s Soleimani

6A) Israel and US blame their mercenaries – “ISIS” – for Iran terror attack (NYT)

7) Senior Hamas leader killed in reported Israeli attack in Beirut

8) Saleh al-Arouri, Hamas leader and strategist who gave jitters to Israel

9) They’re Calling Ethnic Cleansing “Voluntary Migration” Now  Congo?!

Hideous Damage: Gazan Bodies, Israeli Minds

10) What will be left of Gaza when the war ends?

11) The Crisis In Israel’S Mental Health System: Psychiatrists Leaving For Britain Due To Collapse Risk

War on Russia

12) Putin Praises Army in Scaled-Back New Year’s Eve Address

13) ‘Seething’ Putin hammers Ukraine with massive missile and drone attacks

14) Russia says it has a hit list of potential targets to seize if the West confiscates its assets to help Ukraine

15) Sergey Karaganov: Russians are the real Europeans, the West of the continent has lost its way

16) The EU Is Willing to Go to War Over Lithium?

War on Korea

17) North Korea Moves to Redefine Relations with US-Occupied South

18) South Korean opposition leader stabbed in neck

World Records

19) We Did It, Joe! Monthly Migrant Encounters Exceed 300,000 For First Time In US History

20) “Guerrilla Camps” Set Up By Leftist Groups Assist Cartels In Southern Border Invasion

21) Article has link to maps distributed by groups like the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders
Illegal Alien Invasion Maps Exposed

22) 1000 pages of Epstein docs released Giuffre v. Maxwell, 1:15-cv-07433 –

Prosecutors Say

23) Prosecutors recommend six months in prison for a man at the center of a Jan. 6 conspiracy theory

24) Prosecutors say there’s no need for a second trial of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried

Manly Men & Tranly Men

25) DHS Joins With Woke Universities To Label “Manosphere” A Terror Threat

26) Trans Lt. Colonel says ‘inclusion is a national security imperative.’ The world is laughing at us.

Ethnic Editing

27) Harvard President Claudine Gay Resigns, Shortest Tenure In University History

28) Harvard Interim President Alan Garber’s Wikipedia Page Edited To Remove “Jewish”

29) BREAKING! Singularity Achieved—AI Now Sentient—and (OMG) It’s ANTI-SEMITIC! Rogue AI starts erasing Jewish identity, starting with new Harvard president Alan Garber

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