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FFWN: They Hate Our Freedom – But Which “They”? (with Cat McGuire)

Watch above Friday after 4pm Eastern. Guest this week: Cat McGuire


1) Help FFWN expose the freedom-haters!

They Hate Our Freedom

2) ‘We Own This Country’: Mark Levin Says Pro-Palestine Protesters Should be ‘Rounded Up and Deported’

3) House Passes “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” – Reign of Antichrist Begins

4) Rep. Thomas Massie Warns Congress is Trying to Pass Hate Speech Laws to Outlaw Criticism of Israel

5) ADL Urged Congress to Pass FISA Law Spying on Americans to ‘Protect Israel’

6) Bipartisan Legislation Would Let the Government Create Speech-Chilling ‘Antisemitism Monitors’

7) $3.5 Billion Slipped Into Ukraine-Israel Aid Bill To ‘Supercharge Mass Migration From The Middle East’

8) Spielberg helping to direct Biden’s campaign

9) America’s Foes Discover Its Weakness: Judeocracy

Anti-Genocide Uprising

10) Crackdowns intensify on snowballing pro-Palestine campus protests — at least 1300 arrests in US alone by Wednesday, over 120 occupations and more starting all the time

11) Zionist thugs screaming “second Nakba!” attack UCLA Protestor Camp

12) Columbia University begins suspending students after warning to clear out of protest camp

13) Anti-Israel Protesters Hang Palestinian Flag Over Star-Studded White House Correspondents Dinner Red Carpet

14) Larry Summers: It’s Time to Examine Tenure Reform, Investigate Who’s Funding Campus Protests

15) “Have You No Sense of Decency?”

16) State Dept. Claims it Upholds Laws, but Won’t Acknowledge Israel’s Nukes, Flouting Law Requiring Funding Cutoff to Proliferators

War Crimes

17) What will happen if the ICC charges Netanyahu with war crimes?

18) Netanyahu says ICC warrants would be an ‘antisemitic hate crime’, would fan antisemitism   Kevin’s barely-exaggerated satire:

19) Johnson urges Biden to intervene in ICC’s reported plan for Netanyahu arrest warrant

20) Turkey seeks to join South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at ICJ

21) Daszak finally testifies about COVID origins (while everyone’s focused on Palestine)

War on Russia

22) Biden Looks To Prevent Future President From Ending Ukraine War With 10-Year Agreement

23) Deciphering The Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage

Family Values

24) Iraq bans homosexuality

25) Tucker Carlson passionately defends parental rights on Moms For America Podcast

26) Tucker Carlson interviews conservative Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin


27) Slovenians growing angry as left-wing government invites waves of non-EU migrants

28) Thousands of Irish Protesters March Against Globalist Replacement Migration Agenda

29) UK passes bill to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

White Tax or Jew Tax?

30) The White Tax Is Coming : Biden Admin Proposes Tax Rate Changes Because White People Have Higher Rates of Home Ownership and Own More Stocks Than Black and Hispanic Households

31) Biden Embraces a Wealth Tax to Address Racial Wealth Inequality

Biological Weapons of War

32) Arizona Becomes First U.S. State To Declare mRNA Vaccines ‘Biological Weapons of War’

33) States Move to Oppose WHO’s ‘Pandemic Treaty,’ Assert States’ Rights

Brave New World

34) If You Want People To Have Babies You’re Now “Far Right”

35) Wyoming Girl Scout Fined $400 for Selling Cookies in Her Grandparents’ Driveway

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  1. Mo

    Hello Mr Barret, I’m with you one hundred percent on Frank Zappa. As you can see here, , it’s tremendously likely he would be outspoken on the the biggest issue on our time if he was still kicking around. I doubt he would have liked Trump much.

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