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LIVE RADIO! Alan Sabrosky Wonders if West Should Convert to Islam; Michael Lindsey Agrees That Traditional Religion Is the Solution, BUT…

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First hour: Regular “first Friday of the month” guest Dr. Alan Sabrosky, upon learning that Iraq just banned transgenderism, prostitution, and homosexuality, emailed me: “Maybe all whites should convert to Islam? Then we might well be protected from these (and other) predators. Christianity (with the partial exception of Russian/Eastern/Greek) Orthodox hasn’t done squat for Western Culture over the past century or so, at a minimum.”

Me: “Not a bad idea. Or they could try to help a Christianity-friendly school of Islam take power. Muslims are required to protect Christians and their churches and monasteries. Under Muslim rule, Christians might become Christian again.”

Does “Doc” Sabrosky, former Head of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College, really think that white folks should consider mass-converting to Islam? Or was he just trolling me? Tune in and find out.

Second hour: Michael Lindsey among others has noted that non-traditionally-religious people have fewer children. Secular countries, by and large, have such low birthrates that if they don’t rise fairly soon, their people will basically go extinct. But Lindsey isn’t exactly thrilled by Malcolm Collins’ argument for a new, pro-natality designer religion. He correctly recognizes that religion isn’t just something a clever social reformer can invent. Paraphrasing Eliade: “‘This appearance of the sacred’ in the world is what unites a community around some axis of religious meaning…Religion is concerned with the given, with that which lies beyond us and beyond our control.”

So does that mean Michael will sign on with Alan Sabrosky and yours truly on a project to mass-convert the West to Islam? I doubt it. Tune in and see why.


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