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Netanyahu Says Trying, Convicting, and Executing Him Would Be “An Anti-Semitic Hate Crime”

Dissociated Press

It would be an “unprecedented antisemitic hate crime” for the International Criminal Court to issue a warrant for his arrest, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday. It would be “even more anti-Semitic and hateful”  if he were actually arrested, extradited, and convicted of genocide, he added.

“But the most horrifically anti-Semitic act of all,” Netanyahu somberly intoned, “would be for me to be executed. Executing me for the crime of genocide would be the equivalent of spray-painting a swastika on a synagogue wall, or doubting the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. It would be like using such anti-Semitic phrases as ‘cosmopolitan elite’ or ‘dual loyalty’ or ‘New World Order.‘ It would be like noticing that American mainstream media are dominated by Jews who feel a degree of loyalty to Israel and that Hollywood in particular is ‘totally controlled by Jews.’ It would be like facing the facts that Jeffrey Epstein was an Israeli agent and that Israel killed the Kennedys and did 9/11. It would be like acknowledging the fate of the USS Liberty. It would be like saying that Jews have used ethnic nepotism to take over America’s elite universities. It would be like calling attention to certain oddities of the Jewish religion. It would be like jabbing a Jew in the eye with a Palestinian flag.”

“Jet Fuel”

Netanyahu went on to claim that executing him for genocide would be tantamount to “pouring jet fuel on the flames of anti-Semitism. And we all know what jet fuel did to the Twin Towers. If jet fuel can blow three skyscrapers to kingdom come, imagine what it could do to the Jews!”

Netanyahu added: “Actually, executing me for genocide would be even worse than jet fuel. It would be like pouring jet fuel on the flames of anti-Semitism and then conducting a controlled demolition of the Jewish people using nanothermite, causing Jews to implode into their own footprints at near-free-fall acceleration! Now THAT is anti-Semitic!”

Netanyahu’s press conference ended abruptly as someone yelled “pull it” and the Prime Minister’s microphone was cut as he was dragged bodily offstage by Interpol, his political opponents, or some combination thereof.

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