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Cat McGuire on UN COVID Treaty Demonstration

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My False Flag Weekly News colleague Cat McGuire was at the United Nations headquarters in New York this week protesting against the Pandemic Treaty, Agenda 2030, and Smart Cities. Below is the protesters’ statement.

CORRECTION:  Cat McGuire erred when she said BlackRock owns State Street. BlackRock purchased State Street Research and Management, a mutual fund company, from MetLife in 2004.  State Street was never owned by BlackRock.

Protest Statement

United Nations General Assembly – An unelected body, unaccountable to anyone, the UN is attempting a worldwide power grab. It is proposing AI-driven, dystopic solutions disguised as “for the common good of humanity.”

Agenda 2030 – The UN wants $500 billion a year for 17 lofty, unrealistic Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to solve global problems such as poverty, human rights, and climate change. Transnational corporations – not We The People – will have unprecedented powers.  Say NO to:

  • A central bank digital currency controlling our money and our lives
  • Redistribution of wealth: “You will own nothing and be happy” (WEF)
  • Lab-grown food, bugs for protein, and no private farms or gardens

Smart Cities – Citing “climate,” the UN is calling for “15-minute cities” that will be more like open-air concentration camps, restricting transportation and access to other neighborhoods, cities, states, and countries.  Say NO to:

  • 24/7 panopticon surveillance grids through 5G and Internet of Things
  • A global ID passport limiting freedom of movement and trade
  • Land grabs, forcing people out of nature and towns and into cities

Pandemic Treaty – Based on questionable legality, WHO is attempting to take over worldwide “public health.”  With UN backing, the WHO Director can singlehandedly declare emergencies and control how they are managed. A soft coup is happening under the guise of health and safety. Say NO to:

  • Worldwide lockdowns through the pretext of “pandemics”
  • Forced vaccinations with experimental mRNA gene therapies
  • The evisceration of bodily autonomy and national sovereignty


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