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FFWN: NATO-Led West Just Keeps Losing and Lying (with Brett Redmayne-Titley)

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Full uncensored FFWN posted above by 2 pm Eastern time this Saturday (normally 1 pm)

This weeks guest commenter: Brett Redmayne-Titley, author of THERE! On-Scene Reporting from a World Gone Mad


0) Thomas Donnelly, PNAC’s token goy and lead author of Rebuilding America’s Defenses (Sept. 2000 document calling for a “New Pearl Harbor”) became “Giselle Donelly” in 2018

1) Help Find the Cure for MSM

Backflips for Truth?

2) RFK Jr. Funds Anti-Deep-State Campaign with Backflips (deadline midnight Saturday 9/30)

2.5) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Planning to Announce Independent Run

3) RFK Jr. Isn’t So Sure About 9/11: ‘Strange Things Happened’ Kennedy told journalist Peter Bergen that he doesn’t know if he believes the government’s explanation that al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks 

4) Kennedy: An Israeli Perspective

Man Bites Dog (Antitrust Division Bites Monopolies)

5) U.S. Accuses Amazon of Illegally Protecting Monopoly in Online Retail 

6) ‘Unprecedented’ Secrecy in Google Trial as Tech Giants Push to Limit Disclosures


7) NATO’s Losing Proxy War in Ukraine

8) A Year of Lying About NordStream

9) Tucker Carlson Says There Will Be a Hot War w/ Russia Within the Next Year

10) The Failure of Progressive Movements (NYT on Occupy, #MeToo, BLM)

Ukrainian Spokesweirdos

11) Zelensky Asks Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic to Be Ambassador to Ukraine to Help Children

12) US Tranny Fired from Ukraine Government After Threatening Global Assassinations of Journalists and Writers

Oh Canada!

13) Canadian Muslim group demands Trudeau apologize for 1 Million March 4 Children remarks

14) Canadian Parliament Gives Standing Ovation to Man Who Served in Waffen SS

15) Canada’s Parliamentary Disgrace: Is Canada Under Trudeau and Singh Becoming a Safe Haven for Extremists, Terrorists, and organized Crime? 

Ethnic Cleansing?

16) Nagorno-Karabakh: almost a quarter of the region’s population flees into Armenia

17) ‘CIA cutouts’ big money grants and biolabs: The depth of US interference in Armenia explained

18) US Seeks to ‘Minimize’ Level of Armenia-Russia Relations Amid Nagorno-Karabakh Tensions

Hijab Wars

19) UN slams France’s decision to ban French athletes’ hijabs at 2024 Olympics 

20) Iran Is Doubling Down on Headscarves (WaPo-owned Foreign Policy mag) 

21) Iranians join in signing ‘largest’ petition against Qur’an desecration’an-desecration-

Culture Wars

22) China’s planned ban on offensive clothing shows growing intolerance (WaPo)

23) ‘This is Why Children Can’t Choose Their Gender’: Child Picking Cookies Over $10K Cash Goes Viral


24) Why Smart People Do Stupid Things (Like Getting mRNA Injections)

25) Vaccines and the Midwit Effect, or: Why smart people seem to believe all manner of crazy things, and smarter people seem to believe them even harder

Cancel THIS!

26) Russell Brand Witch-Hunt Exposes #MeToo Psy-Op  

27) Jann Wenner’s Rock Hall is crumbling — is it worth fixing?

See Something Say Something

28) Massive emergency alert test will sound alarms on US cellphones, TVs and radios in October

29) Is something wicked coming at us on October 4? Better safe than sorry; so PLEASE turn OFF your cellphones & computers on that afternoon—and spread the word about it!

30)NJOHSP, DOT and Turnpike Authority Launch ‘See Something, Say Something’ Highway Messaging Campaign    (What are people supposed to report? Planes flying too low? Trucks that might have explosives in them? Urban Moving Systems vans full of dancing Israelis?)


31) Matt Ehret vs. ET Hoaxes

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  1. Cat

    Great show! Have Brett Redmayne-Titley back! He’s got interesting comments. 🙂

  2. TRS

    Kevin your near constant interrupting of Brett Redmayne-Titley was quite annoying.

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