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FFWN: Israhell Misfires! (With J. Michael Springmann)

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1) Boycott Isra-hellish propaganda, support FFWN

2) In Michigan, a Ramadan like no other as Muslims grapple with Gaza: Across the US, the Islamic holiday is less joyous, more sombre as Muslims seek answers to the suffering in Gaza.

3) Bažant’s Fraudulent theory exposed! The mathematics he used to explain the Twin Towers Collapse is WRONG!

Iran vs. Israhell


5) What are likely scenarios for Iran’s retaliatory strike against Israel?

6) Israel threatens to strike Iran directly if Iran launches attack from its territory

7) Iran Smuggles Arms to West Bank, Officials Say, to Foment Unrest With Israel

Israhell Misfires

8) Two Israeli Actions Misfired, Pushed Netanyahoo Into Retreat

9) ‘Utterly Insane Strategy’ – Why Friedman Thinks Gaza War is ‘Unwinnable’ for Israel

10) Zionist regime will drown in blood of Haniyeh’s children and other Palestinians’s-children-and-other-Palestinians

11) 400 Bodies Found In Mass Graves At Al-Shifa Hospital “Bulldozed By Israel – Buried Like Trash”

12) Thousands of Indian workers to arrive in Israel – officials

13) Israeli Rage Reaches New Levels

14) UN fails to accept Palestine statehood amid US opposition–Palestinian-UN-membership

Genocide Joe Re-Election?  

15) In Wisconsin, Joe Biden Can’t Escape the War in Gaza

16) Cornel West announces fellow academic Melina Abdullah as running mate

17) Globetrotting for Genocide: Foreign Fighters From US, France and India Are Fighting Israel’s War in Gaza


18) Opening trade war, Turkey imposes restrictions on Israel until Gaza ceasefire

19) Israel’s Other Defeat

20) Germany faces genocide case over Israel weapon sales

21) Yemenis congratulate Palestinians on Eid al-Fitr from deck of seized UK ship

22) Tucker carlson: Palestinian Christians Suffer and Many American Churches Don’t Care

23) Google workers revolt over $1.2 billion contract with Israel–1-2-billion-contract-with-Israel


24) Massive US Biowar Funding Created ‘biowar / Vax Industrial Complex’ – Threatens to Swallow the West


25) I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust.

Surveiled World

26) House blocks bill to renew FISA spy program after conservative revolt


27) O.J. Was an Earthquake. We’re Still Living With His Aftershocks.
He tried to shed his Blackness…  Did he die by lethal injection? Did he save the lives of millions?

Superpredator & Piece of S**t on Broadway

28) Shocking moment Hillary Clinton is branded a ‘super predator’ while husband Bill is told he’s a ‘piece of s**t’ to his face by anti-Israel protesters in NYC

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