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LIVE RADIO! Gordon Duff Drops Some Intel; Josh Mitteldorf on UFO/ET Issue, Diversity of Jewish Agendas, and Other Big Questions

Listen live Fridays noon to 2pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Ex-VT editor Gordon Duff, now at, writes strikingly non-mainstream headlines:

*Biden concedes Netanyahu a ‘lunatic mass murderer’ making continued US support of endless War Crimes ‘hard work’;

*126 New Jewish Recruits refuse after thousands of Jewish war criminals killed by Freedom Fighters;

*Gaza death toll exceeds 33,500 as the newest US backed Jewish Genocide continues;

*Zionist regime will drown in blood of Haniyeh’s children and other Palestinians;

*Thousands of ‘Half Caste/Untouchable’ Indian Slave Laborers sent to Jewish Occupied Palestine to Act as Human Shields in Iranian Retaliation;

*Jews Abduct Over 8,000 West Bank Palestinians as Gaza Hostages;

*US, German backed Jewish Terrorists kill more than 120 innocent civilians in a single day: Health Ministry;

*Refuting Jurists, Lloyd Austin, with No evidence supporting him, says Jewish Terrorists fully comply with law when murdering, raping kids, looting…

Second hour: Josh Mitteldorf wins my vote as the most interesting science writer out there. (Sometimes way out there…) His work is always sensible, well-informed, well-argued, and uncowed by mainstream dogma.

Josh has been writing on the UFO-ET issue and its publicizers Daniel Sheehan and Phil Schneider, as well as science and psi, digital mind-control, the hybrid/reptilian/insectoid Peruvian mummies, and much more.

We’ll also discuss and critique the way terms like Jews/Jewish and Zionist(s) are used, keeping in mind the diversity of Jewish agendas, the overrepresentation of Jews among both good guys and bad guys, and the unfortunate fact that collective Jewish tribal power is strongly weighted towards the bad guys.

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