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ADL-Backed Legislation Would Ban the Word “Genocide”

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Legislation banning the word “genocide” has been simultaneously introduced in the US Congress, the Canadian parliament, and dozens of states, provinces, and European countries. The flagship bill is theĀ Countering Antisemitism Act, “the most far-reaching anti-Semitism initiative to be introduced in Congress” according to the ADL. It defines anti-Semitism as “any critical or negative statement about Jews or Israel,” and provides stiff fines and prison sentences for those who commit anti-Semitic transgressions, including the use of forbidden words.

“The word ‘genocide’ is an anti-Semitic term, because it delegitimizes a 2500 year old Jewish religious practice,” explained ADL spokes-Semite Shlomo Schlockenstein. “Ever since we exterminated Amalek, obliterated the Caananites, and slaughtered 77,000 Iranians on Purim, killing every man, woman, and child of this or that group has been…well, it’s what we do. When we can get away with it, anyway. The mass slaughter of innocents is part of our identity. The term genocide is a nasty, insulting word that Jew-haters use because they hate Jews for no reason at all.”

The Countering Antisemitism Act also bans criticism of Jews who shoot children for sport, attack hospitals and murder patients and doctors, slaughter crowds of starving people lining up for food, murder aid workers trying to feed starving people, massacre journalists, and lie outrageously to justify their atrocities. Additionally, Jews who betray their country to serve Israel, blackmail US and European leaders, assassinate US presidents, and commit monstrous acts of false flag terror would be specifically protected under the Countering Antisemitism Act.

Schlockenstein insisted that virtually identical anti-Semitism laws needed to be passed simultaneously at the national, state, and local levels across dozens of nations “to counter the anti-Semitic trope that Jews run the world.” He added that the Elders of Zion are working on an AI app to erase all references to the Elders of Zion from the internet “which will prove what we have long maintained: that the Elders of Zion are just a fictional anti-Semitic trope.” He added that Jewish billionaires who bribe politicians to pass laws making it illegal to mention Jewish billionaires who bribe politicians “are in the front lines of the fight against anti-Semitism” and that anyone who criticizes those billionaires or politicians should have their family assassinated or their house blown up. “And if they survive and wind up in the hospital, we’ll blow that up too,” he added with a roguish wink.

Meanwhile, in Gaza, the 33,000 dead, and the tens of thousands still uncounted beneath the rubble, could not be reached for comment.

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  1. MeMe

    Axis Sally, Paul Revere, Joe Scanlon and Frederick Wilhelm Kaltenbach were all Americans who spoke out about the Jews during WW2 they all spoke truth and paid the price for trying to expose the wicked nature of this culture.

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