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LIVE RADIO! Alan Sabrosky on US Collapse, Zionism, Gaza, and the Uniparty; AJ Smuskiewicz on “Why I’m Still for Kennedy”

Listen live Fridays noon to 2pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Alan Sabrosky returns to his “first Friday of the month” slot to discuss the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge as a metaphor for the collapse of America; will the Zionists start World War 3, and/or finish the genocide of Gaza, with no interference from the US; where did these crazy Zionists come from originally; is the two-party system just a “faction fight” with the Jewish-dominated uniparty; and “what do we do when we realize the Left has won?”

Dr. Alan Sabrosky is the former Head of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College. He expresses his Jewish heritage via cuisine, not foreign policy.

Second hour: Chicago-based journalist AJ Smuskiewicz recently doubled down on his May 2023 article “Why I’m for Kennedy” with the new “Why I’m Still for Kennedy.” While admitting Kennedy is “wrong on Gaza” (understatement of the century) AJ says RFK Jr. is articulate and intelligent, right about a lot of things, and not as long of a long shot as the media would like you to believe.

I see AJ’s point. Compared to the likes of Biden and Trump, RFK Jr. looks pretty good. AJ says “I’m not going to reject a candidate because I disagree—even strongly disagree—with him on one issue (Gaza).” But is Gaza just “one issue” among many? Or is the most transparent genocide in history a whole lot more than that? Isn’t the real issue, for Americans, America’s complicity in that genocide? And isn’t that complicity the outcome of neocon (Jewish-Zionist) occupation of the USA? And isn’t that occupation, which began with Israel’s murder of JFK and RFK and reached fruition with the Jewish State’s demolition of the World Trade Center on 9/11, by far the most important issue of our time?



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