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FFWN: Political Conflict in the Age of Psychic Warfare (with John Carter)

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Guest: John Carter. We’ll cover the news for the first half of the show, then discuss “Political Conflict in the Age of Psychic Warfare” in relation to the week’s news.


1) Help FFWN engage in political conflict in the age of psychic warfare


2) I was banned from Elon’s ‘free speech’ X app for offending power  

3) JewTube nukes my last (backup) channel (article forthcoming)  Background:

Dangerous World

4) World Gets More Dangerous Due to (1) Israel’s Attack on Iran/Syria, and (2) Romanian-French plans to enter Ukraine and Moldova

5) Iran Vows Revenge After Jews Blow Up Their Consulate in Damascus

Slaughter for Starvation

6) World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés says Israel targeted staff in Gaza ‘car by car’

7) ‘Deliberate Israeli Policy’ to Kill Starving Palestinians, Target Aid Trucks – Euro-Med Monitor Report

8) How Israel’s Gaza aid convoy attack brings Palestinians closer to famine

War on Hospitals

9) Al-Shifa Medical Complex witnesses one of the largest massacres in Palestinian history

10) Siege of Gaza’s largest hospital “worse than hell”

11) No medicine, no hope: Doctors describe life under Israeli attack in Gaza

12) The ‘Human Shields’ Lie Has Been Conclusively, Irrefutably Debunked

Normalizing Genocide

13) Killing International Law. Normalizing Genocide

14) Biden Says Israel’s Genocide of Gaza Hurts His Feelings. Then He Gives Them More Weapons.

15)Joe Biden calls for ‘immediate ceasefire’ in Gaza and says Israel must protect civilians to keep US support


16) Nearly 50,000 People in Wisconsin Cast Protest Vote Against Gaza Slaughter in Democratic Primary

17) Biden proclaims Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday

Rightwing Wackos

18) NYT Hitpiece: RFK Jr. Supporters Are Rightwing New Age Wackos (But He Still Might Throw the Election to Trump!)

19) Jacob’s Dream: MAGA meets the Age of Aquarius

20) The Far Right Is Crawling With Eclipse Conspiracy Theories: Everyone has lost their goddamn minds

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Political Conflict in the Age of Psychic Warfare


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