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FFWN: NATO-Led West Just Keeps Losing and Lying (with Brett Redmayne-Titley)

Watch on Bitchute Full uncensored FFWN posted above by 2 pm Eastern time this Saturday (normally 1 pm) This weeks guest commenter: Brett Redmayne-Titley, author of THERE! On-Scene Reporting from a World Gone Mad PSA 0) Thomas Donnelly, PNAC’s token goy and lead author of Rebuilding America’s Defenses (Sept. 2000 document calling for a “New Pearl Harbor”) became “Giselle Donelly” in 2018 1) Help Find the Cure for MSM Backflips for Truth? 2) RFK Jr. Funds Anti-Deep-State Campaign with Backflips (deadline midnight Saturday 9/30) 2.5) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Planning to Announce Independent Run 3) RFK…