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FFWN: “Israel” Checkmated? (with Cat McGuire)

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1) Help info-checkmate Bibi, support FFWN! (old one that needs a boost)

Breaking News Updates

2) “Conspiracy theorist” immolation at Trump trial

3) US vetoes Palestinian attempt to gain statehood at the United Nations as Russia walks out in protest before Israel speech

4) Breaking: Iran state me­dia says air de­fence sys­tems shot down three drones

The Missiles of April: Checkmate

5) Scott Ritter: The Missiles of April = Checkmate

6) U.S., Not Israel, Shot Down Most Iran Drones And Missiles

7) US makes failed bid for Iran to allow ‘symbolic strike’ by Israel

8) Russian weapons help Iran harden defenses against Israeli airstrike (WaPo)

9) Israeli attack on nuclear sites to prompt tit-for-tat, pursuing nukes: Iran


10) As Surgeons, We Have Never Seen Cruelty Like Israel’s Genocide in Gaza

11) The Gaza genocide as explicit policy: Michael Hudson names all names

12) Two decades after Abu Ghraib scandal, three detainees get their day in US court

13) Israeli Assassinations and Public Scrutiny

14) Palestinians want to join the U.N. The U.S. is trying hard to block them


15) Roads blocked as thousands protest in US against Israel’s attack on Gaza

16) Watch: Hundreds of Students Camping on Columbia University Campus in Support of Palestine

17) Google sacks 28 Employees who Protested Complicity in Gaza Genocide

18) Erdogan threatens to “send Netanyahu to Allah” (who will in turn send him to hell)


19) They criticized Israel. This Twitter account upended their lives. (WaPo)

19.5) House votes 377-44 to condemn “river to the sea” as hate speech Kevin’s response to Congress’s self-satire

20) NSA “Just Days Away From Taking Over The Internet” Warns Ed Snowden

MSM Bias

21) NPR CEO Katherine Maher Says She Coordinated With Government To Censor Misinformation As CEO Of Wikipedia

22) Leaked NYTimes Memo Shows Pro-Genocide Bias Is Even Worse Than We Thought

Medical Mafia

23) mRNA vax makes long COVID worse

24) Reiner Fuellmich, In 18 Minute Recording From Prison, Reveals Deep Infiltration, Intelligence Gathering, And Plot; Also Says Covid Empire Of Lies Crumbling

25) Aaron Rodgers Sparks Outrage After Outlandish Claims About U.S. Government, Dr. Anthony Fauci Creating HIV/AIDS NY Times piles on

Limits of Liberalism


27) “Leftist Radical” Robert F Kennedy Jr claims Trump had asked him to be running mate

Multipolar World

28) Argentina seeks Nato partner status amid pivot to the West

29) The Collapse of the American Empire, Part III: Diplomacy and Soft Power

The Unsound and the Furry

30) Alleged Illegal Immigrant Who Couldn’t Speak English Caught Trying To Rob Bank Using A Translator App

31) Woman Takes Uncle’s Corpse to Try to Get a Loan in His Name at a Bank in Brazil – HE’D BEEN DEAD FOR MANY HOURS (VIDEO)

32) Students walk out of Utah middle school to protest ‘furries’

2 Thoughts to “FFWN: “Israel” Checkmated? (with Cat McGuire)”

  1. Yukon Jack

    Johns Hopkins genetic study shows 97.5% of Jewish people living in Palestine have absolutely no ancient Hebrew DNA, are therefore not Semites, and have no ancient blood ties to the land of Palestine at all. Whereas 80% of Palestinians carry ancient Hebrew DNA and thus are real Semites.

    The fake Jews of Poland, Lithuania, and Russia are killing the real Semites, and screaming anti-semitism at anyone who challenges their cruel, barbaric acts – caused because of their insane and irrational beliefs in words in a plagiarized unholy fable.

    Just because you believe something does not make it true. Like the father Abraham.

    Abraham never existed. Abraham and Sara are stolen directly from Hindu mythology, Brahma married his sister Sarasvati, likewise Abraham married his sister Sara(h). Sarah’s maid servant Hagar is derived from the Ghaggar river in India.

    ISRAEL is derived from 3 Egyptian gods ISis, RA, and EL(ohim). None of those gods were real. Inventing a nation from 3 fake gods does not make that nation real.

    The Genesis creation myth is stolen from Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. How the Universe was formed is not what the Bible says, the Bible was written in pre-scientific days. And if Genesis is wrong, then what measure do you apply to the rest of the text?

    The Bible story of the Israelites NEVER HAPPENED. It is only a story (or fable) created by rewriting older myth into a supermyth. Jews captured the God myth, and then they made the Goyim their slaves. Gentiles got caught in a Jewish myth, seeking forgiveness to the Jew monster god, when said god never existed. No one needs to be saved because the claims in the Holy Bible are myth, fiction, and false. No one can be saved, as afterlife itself is a ruse.

    When a Jewish person claims Abraham as their father they are wrong, Abraham never existed. When a Christian says God gave us 10 Commandments, that God never existed. When a Jew says Palestine is their land, they are wrong because the Bible is pure myth, no god gave no Abraham no land. It is all complete fiction. Any acting on said fiction, moving to Palestine, to steal land because of words in some ancient book is quite literally insane and must be put in an insane asylum.

  2. Thanks. Independent, investigative journalists are a blessing without which establishment “news” misdirects reality.
    Pepe Escobar’s excellent article on the checkmate is here:

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