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LIVE RADIO! Mees Baaijen on “the Predators vs. the People”; Ahnaf Ibn Qais on “The End of ‘Israel’ and the Death of Zionism”

Listen live Fridays noon to 2pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Mees Baaijen introduces his new book The Predators vs. the People: The Big Picture of the 500-Year Secret War Against Humanity. He makes a case that a global mafia or “Glafia” has been riding the power of usury, a.k.a. exponentially-compounding interest, toward complete global domination. For an introduction to his thesis, check out his 2016 article “Who Are the Controllers?

Excerpts from The Predators vs. the People:

“In his explosive book Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3,000 Years (1986), Jewish scholar and survivor of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Israel Shahak, describes classical Judaism as a totalitarian scheme to benefit a few very wealthy Jews ( shahak.html). From the second century until roughly the eighteenth, Jews were under the heel of their rabbis and wealthy leaders.”

“Apparently, Glafia wanted to conclude the colonization of Africa and Asia before their grand 20th century Eurasian offensive, because in 1884, a conference was held in Berlin to assign all uncolonized territories of Africa to the European powers. Bismarck led it, and we know that he was a Glafia pawn. By 1914, the ‘Scramble for Africa’ and colonization of the rest of the world’s ‘low hanging fruit’ was completed. By a ‘little coincidence’, in the same year, Glafia’s biggest operation, the subjugation of Eurasia’s 13 empires, the ‘high hanging fruit’, was started by its American-British-Zionist proxies: The Great 20th Century Slaughter of Eurasia. All the above-mentioned efforts of discovery, colonization and wars were crucial in bringing ALL LANDS under control of ‘normalized’ nation-states, a major goal in Glafia’s control project which was recently completed through the War on Terror. From then on, Glafia’s focus has been on ‘normalizing’ ALL PEOPLE, by a surveillance system detecting and deterring dissent, which means the development and implementation of a totalitarian digital control system, for which you and I haven’t been asked permission.”

Meeuwis T. Baaijen (1952) was born and brought up in simple-life rural Holland, where he developed strong ties with nature. As a veterinarian and later also entrepreneur, he worked in 7 countries on 4 continents, which allowed him a direct experience with different cultures, political systems, languages, and above all, people. His international background served him well when he decided to dig deep into global history, to write his first book, The Predators (and its six translations). After 50 years as an atheist, this study convinced him that the Enlightenment was in fact an Endarkenment, to alienate us from Nature and the Universe, from which we derive our power to move mountains.

Second hour: Ahnaf Ibn Qais discusses today’s article “The End of ‘Israel’ & The Death of Zionism: Why Time has run out for the Neo-Crusader European Settler Colony in West Asia.” Excerpt:

Contrary to ‘Israeli’ Hasbara, the Zionists are not a people who ‘made the desert bloom’ courtesy of their own autarkic, innovative nature. Instead, the vast majority of ‘Israeli’ economic activity is heavily subsidized by their American poodles:

US subsidies for the ‘Israelis,’ when inflation is factored in, amount to some 300 billion USD or so, spanning 1946-2022. This averages to around ~4 billion USD per annum, which for a 600 billion USD economy is a significant amount in its budget sheet.

‘Israeli’ society thus runs like a Neo-Crusader military garrison with the organs of a state apparatus. The American poodles fork over substantial funds to subsidize healthcare, services, munitions, etc., while the Apartheid regime spends on the military:

This has meant an extraordinarily fragile & plump system that no longer can fight a peer-to-peer conflict, opting instead for heavy-handed military policing operations against a primarily defenceless civilian population residing in Gazah & the West Bank.

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