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FFWN: “Israel” Doomed, So What’s Next? (with Cat McGuire)

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1) Help FFWN Expose IsraHell

“Israel” Doomed, So What’s Next?

2) 10/7 Put Options (like 9/11?)

3) Israel can’t defeat Hamas in battle, so what’s next?

4) “Israel’s Impossible Dilemma” (neocon Atlantic admits Hamas will win)

5) Israel Has Crossed Its Rubicon

6) The Ben Gurion Canal to Replace the Suez Canal: ‘Israel’ Destroys Gaza to Control World’s Most Important Shipping Lane–destroys-gaza-to-control-world-s-most-important-shi

7) Russia’s Putin is visiting the UAE and Saudi Arabia, seeking to bolster Moscow’s Mideast clout

8) Kushner, Jewish business leaders huddle with Qatari PM – violation of the Logan act


9) Scandal-stained Israeli ‘rescue’ group fuels October 7 fabrications

10) UN hears accounts of sexual violence during 7 October attacks by Hamas while Hamas belabors the obvious: It’s all genocide-inciting Zionist lies

11) Flashback: Grinning Israeli War Vets Admit To R@ping & Murdering Palestinians

12) Jerusalem Post Retracts Article Claiming That Dead Palestinian Baby Was a Doll

13) Israelis Harvest Human Organs from Massacred Palestinians

14) Israel Massacres al-Jazeera Journalist’s Mother, Father, Brothers and Sisters

15) Palestinian prisoners in dire conditions; West Bank arrests skyrocket–west-bank-arrests

16) How Israel Uses an AI Genocide Program to Obliterate Gaza

Obsequious Elon?

17) Obsequious Elon Grovels Before Genocidal Jews

18) With a “Go Fuck Yourself” Musk Finally Gave a Middle Finger to Democratic Party Censors

Obsequious House

19) House passes resolution equating antisemitism with anti-Zionism, despite many abstentions

20) Thomas Massie Kicked a Rats Nest by Suggesting Congress Cares More About Israel Than America

Eastward Ho?

21) NATO/West or Global Majority?

22) Chinese apps are letting public juries settle customer disputes

Urban Unrest

23) The Fall of Minneapolis Sets the Record Straight

24) ‘You cannot taser the housing crisis’: Ireland shaken by rioting Gen Z Dubliners lashing out amid anti-immigrant disinformation

Border Control

25) US border control bill collapses

26) Zelensky Abruptly Cancels Address To Senators, Lashes Out At Failure To Secure More Taxpayer Funds

Health & Wellness

27) Preliminary analysis of leaked NZ data shows COVID vax kills 1/1000 who take it

28) But how could that reconcile with overall mortality stats?!

29) Fetuses Are Developing Cancers. These May be Turbo Cancers. Worse, DNA Contamination, Contained Within Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP), May be Crossing the Placenta Into the Fetus

30) The Wellness Company

Taking Stuff and Not Returning It

31) The Great Taking

32) Vinyl record returned to Boston library 47 years late

3 Thoughts to “FFWN: “Israel” Doomed, So What’s Next? (with Cat McGuire)”

  1. pierre blais

    Why would Israelis want to ingest Palestinian babies’ adrenochrome, or harvest their organs? Sounds to me like some kind of identity theft, Palestinians being the true Judeans.

  2. Kris

    I prefer the expression “Fair World Order” 🙂

  3. Sophia

    Couldn’t access. Rumble down? Our app won’t work on Roku.. couldn’t access from devices either, couldn’t open rumble straight up either.. Hope to get to see you!

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