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FFWN Special! Cat McGuire Asks Jeff Brown about “Zio-American Empire vs. China”

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This week, instead of the regular weekly news roundup, False Flag Weekly News presents a special edition on “The Zio-American Empire vs. China” featuring Cat McGuire questioning bullish-on-China Jeff Brown.

Cat McGuire’s questions:

How does “socialism with Chinese characteristics” differ from the two political systems China straddles:  capitalism and communism?

CCP versus Chinese billionaires: Is the CCP the good cop for the people whereas Chinese billionaires are the bad cop in bed with Western FinTech companies like BlackRock?

How deeply involved is world Jewry with multipolar world projects such as the Belt and Road Initiative?

As a multipolar world leader, does China really want other countries to thrive and have sovereignty as they proclaim?  Or is China just the next NWO wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing hegemon?

Will the ultimate civilizational war be between China versus diasporan Jews, aka the multipolar world versus the unipolar world?

5 Thoughts to “FFWN Special! Cat McGuire Asks Jeff Brown about “Zio-American Empire vs. China””

  1. Why won’t Cat’s special play? Is it the lying Zionist bastardes again?

  2. Finally I got it to play! I suppose the ZOG just wanted me to suffer even more.

    That was shocking and very informative. Great interview Kevin and Cat. After listening I have changed my mind about China, and what the corporation of America Inc.. is doing on behalf of the wealthy Zionist bastards. And how China is fighting back.

  3. Ken Freeland

    The “China Special” was indeed excellent and informative, but suffers from a lack of any really informed critic of Chinese policies. For example, what does Jeff have to say about the CCP’s treatment of the Falun Gong? There seems credible evidence of forced organ harvesting from political prisoners, especially the FG….

    1. Cat

      I wanted to bring up the Falun Gong, but we already went way over time. Hopefully, we’ll do a follow-up conversation.

  4. Best show yet Kevin…wonderful format…interesting and informative guests…back and forth allows the best from everyone!

    A repeat of my POVs regarding several issues:

    1. Please remember that my position is that the “west’s” wars on Islam have NOTHING TO DO with oil and gas reserves…that is “easy cover”! Indeed, it has EVERYTHING TO DO with Islam’s stance against financial usery. Stating this differently: Would the Rothschild [and other derivative Jewish financial empires], even exist IF many hundreds of years ago there were such restrictions of “financial usery” when the Bauer family bought out a little business named “Red Shield” [Rothschild]? Answer; NO! The USofA and its capitalist brothers-in-arms have bombed Islam in behest of continuing Israel’s international financial dominance. Great discussion about this today…

    2. It may be time to also follow the concept of: “OLIGARCH MEDIA”…and CALL IT THAT!

    Kevin, you and so many others [lefties included], constantly use the phrases: “corporate media”…”main stream media”…”oligarch control”…”Hollywood media social construction”…etc. Why not call this dis-informing and self-serving and manipulative “imbeded phrasing” by its proper mission and real-world name: “OLIGARCH MEDIA”?

    Below is the point that I just made on The Thom Hartmann Show:

    First a note:
    I listen and tolerate his show only because I can reach 5-6 million listeners with some words that I manage to slip past him due to his many personal warts. TH is a drop dead Zionist, a CIA plant, a Russophobe and a smiling anti-war? “warmongerer”, who covers his ass by standing up for black people. He actually KNOWS that 911 was allowed/assisted to happen with the help of the US intelligence and military departments. But does not yet accept the truth behind the “Dancing Israelis”. I have been able to break past some taboo boundaries in chatting up 911 in the past decade or more. Its my PATCO, air traffic controller and commercial pilot thing that he honors.

    …Hartmann Show continued regarding OLIGARCH MEDIA…a “math thing”

    If “A” equals “B” and “B” equals “C”, then “A” equals “C”.

    “A”…oligarchs own the major media outlets…[and I include CPR, NPR, PBS and Hollywood]
    “B”…these major media outlets pay their “talking heads” million$ to mis-inform the public…
    “C”…therefore, the OLIGARCHS are PAYING THE TALKING HEADS to NOT talk about them!

    3. For Cat:
    Please “rethink” the 60s-70s bad and self-destructive habit of using acronyms. They are “cute” but they accomplish two negative things: 1. Acronyms unintentionally project an “elitism” for those who “are on the hip inside” because they know what random acronyms stand for. 2. And if we want to educate those who are yet to be educated, why use acronyms that the “yet to be informed” do not know the meaning of?

    Habitually using the words: “Zionist Occupied Governments” is thousands and thousands of times more effective and clarifying than saying the acronym ZOG. The former is soooooo many times more effective because those three words define the issue, and they also open up thoughts about the reality that members of the “Israeli Diaspora” have infiltrated ALL levels of governances within the USofA and elsewhere. The latter [ZOG] makes people think that there may be a new style of slip-in shoe or something…CLOGS…ZOGS…whatever!

    BLM…Black Lives Matter or Bureau of Land Management?
    And of course you know about PBA right?
    Not to be confused with “PBJ”…
    PBA stands for:
    Partial Birth Abortion!

    Of course you DO NOT know what PBA stands for because Frank Luntz [who came up with the phrase “Partial Birth Abortion”], was smart enough NOT to use PBA in the major messaging. He chose the three words instead…and because of that, those three words have had MAJOR communicative impact. Impact that PBA would never have reached.

    The 60s-70s “lefties” outsmarted themselves by taking time [and a weird “pride”], to frame those “cute acronyms”…acronyms that the uninformed did not know about…and never took the time to find out about. Acronyms that far too few people knew at that time…and still.

    And “protest versus pretest” is another important “boundary of ignorance” to breach in order for progressive political activists to become as effective at their activisms as are their emotions, talents and progressive values. Like Nader has stated in public [paraphrase]: “You don’t see the Pentagon marching in the streets, they know where their influence lands best…in congressional offices.” And for citizens, our power lands best in LOCAL POLITICAL RACES where we can FIRE THE BASTARDS! The OLIGARCHS [and their little “kabuki democracy theater dancers” elected to congress and the WH] PRAY that citizens waste their time marching in WDC doing the following:

    Marching from nowhere…
    Marching to nowhere…
    Marching in front of nobody…
    Marching KNOWING that they will be under-reported by the OLIGARCH MEDIA…
    Deciding to march again…proving Einstein right: [my construct]

    …Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, while expecting different results???



    Civil Informationing…adds a tool in an activists’ tool kit…it does NOT replace CD, CR, protesting, marching or rallies. A few four minute films help explain:

    Peace and Planet

    Robin Hordon
    Kingston, WA

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