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FFWN: Smash the Great Reset, Crush the NWO! (with J. Michael Springmann)

Broadcast live every Saturday 11 to noon Eastern on PSA 1) Help Fund FFWN’s Weekly Truth Injections! Great Reset 2) The Great Reset for Dummies 3) Joseph Mercola: The Global Takeover Is Underway Plandemic 4) NYT Hypes “9 Million COVID Cases” (But Deaths Still Flatlined)—Predicts Biden National Mask Mandate 5) COVID-19 spreading half as quickly in counties with mask mandates, KU research shows   More studies purporting to show same thing: 6) County Judge: El Paso hospitals and intensive care units are at 100% capacity 7) Flu away: Scientists baffled at disappearance of influenza… but is it really gone, or…