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Linh Dinh on “Brave New Reset”

In “Brave New Reset” Linh Dinh says Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (2006) and Zhang Yingyu’s The Book of Swindles (1617) resonate with today’s civilizational meltdown and ever-escalating war: “Nothing flips over the nicely appointed table of civilization like war. That’s where we’re headed, on multiple fronts. The main reason for this is, again, scarcity. Grabbing your water, oil, food and women, your enemy won’t just snarl, but kill you. In too many places, that savage energy needs an urgent release.”

Linh also mentions getting “Drugged, Robbed But Not Knifed.”

One Thought to “Linh Dinh on “Brave New Reset””

  1. richard

    when talking about Covid vaccine deaths you can get some data from the governments own VAERS website…keep in mind that the deaths reported are a FRACTION of deaths because very few even know about this “reporting” system and neither do most doctors…then take into account the deaths from the vaccines that were FALSELY attributed to other things…another way to see the increase in the death rates is by numbers from life insurance companies…also the vaccines may be causing increases in cancers that wont be attributed to the vaccines…also I’m guessing that they used placebo’s in batches of the shots to prevent the side effects from being blatantly obvious…

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