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Is Tucker Carlson Ready to Co-Host False Flag Weekly News?


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Today’s Top Headline

3) Trump Indictment Dominates Today’s NYT



5) David Martin: Remember the Liberty!

Conspiracy Theories

6) Tucker Carlson spouts conspiracy theories about 9/11, Ukraine and UFOs in new show

7) ‘He Likens Jews to Rats’: Jewish Groups Condemn Tucker Carlson’s Description of Ukrainian President Zelensky

8) “Manipulated by Lies, Silenced by Taboos,” Episode One of Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Show Breaks Much New Journalistic Ground

9) I come out to my MIT classmates as a “Conspiracy Theorist”

Presidential Race

10) White House insists Biden wasn’t injured when he fell AGAIN on stage during U.S. Air Force graduation – the fourth public fall of his presidency

10A) Joe Biden and RFK Jr. TAKE A DIVE!

11) MSM Blasts Musk for Hosting RFK Jr.

12) “Our free press” is no longer laughing off the Kennedy campaign; but they still won’t report it honestly (because their purpose is to keep us in the dark)

13) The Silencing of Kennedy’s Most Notable Critic

14) Trump Announces 2024 Proposal to Investigate Rising Autism Rates

15) Cornel West (9/11 truth supporter) announces he’s running for president


16) Russo-Ukrainian War: Dam!

17) Russian troops ‘swept away by floodwaters’

18) Nikki Haley insists on WW3 if Ukraine loses

19) Even US Allies Rebel Against “Rules-Based Order”


20) Twitter Files Extra: How the Atlantic Council Got Organized

21) Atlantic Council Honored Kevin as a “Conspiracy Superspreader”

Chosen People

22) Jewish Scientist Who Developed New Vaccine “Saved the World”

23) Anne Frank-impersonating drag queen arrested for murder: He killed his father. Who could’ve seen that coming?

24) Political Satirist (CJ Hopkins) Under Criminal Investigation in Berlin

Chosen State

25) State Department Claims to be Unaware of Ambassador’s Baseless Attack on Roger Waters

26) How Hindu Nationalists Became Best Friends With Israel

Pride Month

27) NYC cathedral ‘lights up’ for Pride Month

28) Perversity Is Our Strength!

Stuff Crashing, Booming and Blowing Up

29) The Three Large Banks that Blew Up This Year Were Not Even on the FDIC’s Problem Bank List

30) DC Sonic Boom (sounded like hypersonic Russian missile attack!)

31) U.S. Recovered ‘Intact And Partially Intact Vehicles’ Of Non-Human Origin: Whistleblower

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