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FFWN: You Will Eat Bugs, Deny the Existence of Women, Own Nothing, and Be…Well, Not Happy, But Maybe Alive if You’re Lucky


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Trumpworld & Jan. 6 Hearings

2) Entire MSM (except Tucker on Fox) broadcasts “unfiltered Nancy Pelosi feed” of Jan. 6 show trials

3) “The State At War with the Nation”—the Garland Raids and the January 6 Show Trials

4) Proud Boys leader and top members charged with seditious conspiracy over January 6

4.5) Why Were Ukrainian Nazis in the U.S. Capitol on January 6?

5) As January 6 Select Committee prepares public hearings, Trump and his accomplices walk free

6) How Republicans Abandoned Democracy in 1960



8) DHS to go after conspiracy forums

9) Sweeping Threat to Free Expression in UK

Rendition Pompeo!

10) Spanish Court Demands Pompeo Testify on Apparent Plot to Kill Assange

Dead CIA Guys: The Good, and the Bad & Ugly

11) David C. MacMichael, C.I.A. Whistleblower, Dies at 95 

12) Angleton, Mossad, and the Kennedy Assassinations

And Speaking of Assassinations…

13) Liberal Tries to Assassinate Justice Kavanaugh in Name of Abortion Rights and Gun Control – Story Relegated Way Down NYT Homepage

Mass Shootings: False Flags?

14) Angeli Gomez says Uvalde Texas cops threatened her for speaking out

15) House GOP candidate shares post claiming Buffalo, Uvalde shootings were false flag operations

16) Enjoying Your Membership in the Mass Shooting of the Day Club? 

Ukie Propaganda

17) Ukrainian Official Admits She Lied About Russians Committing Mass Rape to Convince Countries to Send More Weapons

18) “Neocon Republic” Ukie propaganda piece targets 9/11-duped leftists who haven’t yet recognized that USG is pure evil

Plot to Nuke Russia

19) US Planned Nuclear War Between Ukraine and Russia—Putin Pre-Empted It (Thierry Meyssan)

20) NATO says doesn’t guarantee non-deployment of nuclear weapons in Finland, Sweden

21) U.S. Warship Arrives in Stockholm for Military Exercises and as a Warning 

22) John Mearsheimer About “Victory”

23) Ellen Brown: The Food Shortage Solution in Your Own Backyard 

Do Women Exist?

24) A Vanishing Word in Abortion Debate: ‘Women’

25) “WHAT IS A WOMAN?”(Official Trailer) 

COVID Cures: Worse than the Disease?

26) COVID Vaccines Linked to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder more details:

27) Bundestag Expert Committee Draft Report Finds No Evidence That Lockdowns Did Anything 

War on Islam

28) Backed by Israel US and EU allies submit anti-Iran draft resolution to IAEA Board of Governors–

29) Biden Rocks the Middle East: Partitioning Syria may be on the way 

30) The world is finally reacting to India’s descent into hate

Brave New World

31) TECH Cruise gets green light for commercial robotaxi service in San Francisco

32) UK school children to be fed bugs to stop climate change

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  1. James M Nunn

    Kevin, there is no covid 19 virus, it’s never been isolated nor identified. they wanted shots in arms, that’s the ultimate goal of the whole covid thing. The rest is obfuscation.

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