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WEF Withdraws “Eat Bugs” Edict

Recommends Synthetic Insects Instead Dissociated Press The World Economic Forum has withdrawn its demand that people start eating bugs. Klaus Schlob, chair of the WEF’s Dietary Dystopias Committee, called a press conference in Davos yesterday to formally repudiate an earlier WEF communiqué headlined “You Will Eat Bugs and Be Happy.” That document had argued that traditional sources of protein such as meat, dairy, eggs, fish, beans, and nuts are unsustainable and should be abandoned in favor of insect-based protein alternatives including MaggotMeat(TM), cockroach chips, spider spaghetti, lice cream, anty pasto, and other tasty bits of “grub.” “The trouble with real…


Peter Koenig on Endless Wars, Food Shortages, Eugenics and the “Digitization of Everything”: The WEF Agenda 2030

Listen HERE for today’s 7/7/2022 interview; and/or watch our April video on Rumble. Former World Bank economist Peter Koenig discusses his new article A Chaotic Upside Down World: Endless Wars, Food Shortages, Eugenics and the “Digitization of Everything”: The WEF Agenda 2030. Among the questions considered: Has resistance to Agenda 2030 convinced the Davos crowd to push it forward to 2025? Who is really running the show, and does BlackRock’s leveraged ownership of much of the global economy provide a clue? Was the controlled demolition of the Georgia Guidestones a sign of growing resistance against the NWO agenda—or an inside…


Peter Koenig: Ukraine-Russia “Hot War” Advancing the Great Reset?

Watch the video version on Rumble Economist and geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig discusses his recent articles “Ukraine-Russia: Towards a “Hot War”? Advancing the Agenda of the Great Reset?”, “The World Health Tyranny: Towards the WEF “Great Reset of Misery”, and “The Shanghai Lockdown. Seen from Another Angle.” Peter Koenig writes: “Russia intervened in Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Since then, all eyes are on Russia and Ukraine. Almost to the day covid disappears from the world arena, at least officially. Covid is gone from the headlines, everywhere. This is no coincidence. Geopolitics do not know coincidences – only plans and…