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Peter Koenig on Endless Wars, Food Shortages, Eugenics and the “Digitization of Everything”: The WEF Agenda 2030

Listen HERE for today’s 7/7/2022 interview; and/or watch our April video on Rumble.

Former World Bank economist Peter Koenig discusses his new article A Chaotic Upside Down World: Endless Wars, Food Shortages, Eugenics and the “Digitization of Everything”: The WEF Agenda 2030. Among the questions considered:

Has resistance to Agenda 2030 convinced the Davos crowd to push it forward to 2025?

Who is really running the show, and does BlackRock’s leveraged ownership of much of the global economy provide a clue?

Was the controlled demolition of the Georgia Guidestones a sign of growing resistance against the NWO agenda—or an inside job indicating that Klaus Schwab and friends have already arrived at where the Guidestones were guiding us?

Do the Malthusian oligarchs really intend to reduce Earth’s population from the current 7.8 billion to a mere half billion, and if so, how quickly are they planning to do it?

Are COVID vaccinations part of a depopulation agenda, and was the big downturn in birthrates nine months after the vax rollout more than coincidence?

Why would the Netherlands government shut down 30% of its farmland during the summer prior to what could become the worst season of food shortages in modern history?

Will Europeans in general and Germans in particular continue to let the US occupation (aka NATO) fight Russia not only “to the last Ukrainian,” but also “to the last European”?

Are recent political defeats suffered by France’s Macron and the UK’s Johnson indications that Europeans are unhappy with the ongoing US-NATO annihilation of their economies?

Do we need not only an overthrow of the corrupt Western bankster elites, but a spiritual revolution as well?

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