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FFWN: Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster (with Cat McGuire)


1) Help FFWN hand out sunglasses

COVID Origins

2) Covid-19 may have originated in US biolab – Lancet commission chair


3) Senate security chief on January 6 dies before surprise hearing

4) Former aide Cassidy Hutchinson testifies on Jan. 6 warnings pardon requests and Trump trying to grab the wheel

5) Trump Wanted Armed Protesters to Attend His Jan. 6 Rally: Meadows Aide

6) January 6 for Non-Dummies: The January 6 committee is pure political theater intended to crush the MAGA movement once and for all.

Zelensky Lies / Neocon False Flags

7) Another Zelensky Lie Debunked – “Russia fired rockets at Ukraine mall containing ‘more than a thousand civilians’” Zelenskyy says

8) Mariupol war crime false flag: Proof you can’t trust NPR nor Amnesty International

9) Ukraine Is The Latest Neocon Disaster


10) NATO invites Sweden Finland become members in wake of Russia’s Ukraine war – get ready for neocons’ WW3

11) Empire To Expand NATO In Response To War Caused By NATO Expansion

12) US Army Drops High School Diploma Requirement as Military Faces Unprecedented Challenges Under Joe Biden 


13) Noam Chomsky’s Stance on the Ukraine War: “The War must continue until Russia is Severely Harmed.”

14) NYC Pride Parade Sees Millions in Attendance


15) Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam found guilty of murder and jailed for life (Jury did not read We Are Not Charlie Hebdo and ANOTHER French False Flag)

16) We Are Not Charlie Hebdo free online and on Amazon

Big Money, Big Plans

17) Biden commits $200 billion to global infrastructure plan meant to counter China

18) ALADDIN: The Most Powerful Political Force In The World Today

Anti-Semitism Watch

19) The ‘Mapping Project’: How worried should Jews be?

20) Lipstadt to visit Saudi Arabia on first international trip as antisemitism envoy 

21) 101-year-old Nazi guard convicted


22) Black 2nd Amendment Advocates: The Ultimate Taboo?

23) Mises Caucus Takes Control of Libertarian Party

Foreigners Can’t Vote?!

24) New York Supreme Court Strikes Down NYC Voting Rights for Foreign Nationals 

Court Rulings: Good, Good, Good, & Ugly

25) Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years for sexually trafficking girls for Jeffrey Epstein

26) Supreme Court Rules in Favor of High School Football Coach’s Postgame Prayers

27) Court Sides in Favor of Petitioners Overturns EPA Decision that Glyphosate (in Roundup) is Safe for Humans Imperiled Wildlife

28) Scientific Dictatorship: EU Technocrats Ignore 99% Negative Public Feedback Renew Digital Covid Passport Anyway

Brave New World

29) Amazon’s Alexa might be able to mimic dead relatives soon

30) Bert And Ernie Both Contract Monkeypox–ernie-both-contract-monkeypox

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