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FFWN: Bye-Bye Bojo, Bye-Bye Guidestones!

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern THIS SUNDAY, NOT SATURDAY AS USUAL — watch the full uncensored version above live or archived


1) Get Happy and Healthy, Watch and Support FFWN!

1.5) Eid Mubarak – Hajj Returns

Breaking: Shinzo Abe Assassinated—Message from Moscow?

2) Shinzo Abe, Former Japanese Leader, Is Assassinated James Corbett version:

3) Russia threatens Western decision-making centers


Resistance vs. NWO

5) Georgia Guidestones explosion – live: ‘America’s Stonehenge’ that critics dub ‘satanic’ is hit by bomb attack

5.5) BREAKING! Georgia Guidestones Attack Suspect Identified

6) July 7- Georgia Guidestones Completely Demolished

7) Dutch police shoot at tractor during night of farm protests as farmer protests spread to other countries:

July 4th Gunman

8) July 4 gunman contemplated another attack (on Madison, WS), officials say 

“Hateful Tweets”

9) Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggests July 4th Shootings Were False Flags

10) Jordan Peterson says he would ‘rather die’ than delete his ‘hateful’ tweet about Elliot Page

War on Russia

11) NATO’s Biggest Ukraine Warmonger, UK’s Boris Johnson, Resigns

12) Russia Threatens to Bar Jewish Agency Operations in the Country

13) Joe Biden has allowed FIVE MILLION barrels of oil from US national supply to be shipped abroad after claiming they’d be released to help lower soaring gas prices

14) Why the world should pay attention to unrest in Karakalpakstan

15) Kremlin official suggests Russia could one day try to reclaim Alaska from the US 

US Should Pay Compensation

16) Covid leaked from an AMERICAN lab and not the notorious Chinese facility

17) US should pay compensation if Covid-19 claim confirmed – Russia

18) US settles lawsuit alleging abuse of men detained after 9/11

19) The Endless Shame of Guantanamo Bay Thomas Wilner and Andy Worthington have spent two decades trying to close the prison.

20) CIA Vet Phil Giraldi: CIA Torturers Like Gina Haspel Are Serial Felons & War Criminals – Lock Them Up!

21) The Empire Is Not Done Torturing Afghanistan

22) Chile’s new post-Pinochet constitution finalised after turbulent process


23) Declining birth rates post-Covid vaccines – is it time to panic?

24) In Austria, the (vax damage) finger-pointing has begun!


25) Vast Majority of Americans (75%) Opposes Roe But Doesn’t Realize It 

26) Nearly 90% of Americans unhappy with the nation’s direction – poll


27) Fulton grand jury subpoenas Giuliani, Graham, Trump campaign lawyers

28) A former Trump chief of staff has emerged as an unlikely defender of the January 6 committee 

Paineful Scenes

29) Edward Curtin Reviews New Documentary on JFK Suspect Ruth Paine

30) Rhode Island Dunkin’ Says It Accidentally Offered Free Coffee To White Residents

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