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FFWN: Tweedledumb BoJo & Tweedledumber Trump Ban BDS

Broadcast live Fridays 11 to noon Eastern on PSAs 1) CNN vs. Fox = Tweedledumb & Tweedledumber—Support FFWN! 2) Ex-Feith/Wurmsur/Wolfowitz/Cheney colleague Michael Maloof Doesn’t Find 9/11 “Conspiracy Theory” Implausible Tweedledumb: BoJo & Vote Fraud Defeat “Anti-Semitic” Apologizer Corbyn 3) U.K. Election Meddling: Where did all the votes go? 4) BoJo’s landslide is literally unbelievable—but MSM bans even asking the question 5) Corbyn’s Defeat Has Slain the Left’s Last Illusion 6) Jeremy Corbyn should never have apologised over anti-Semitism claims, says French far-Left ally 7) Boris Johnson to pass bill making BDS illegal Tweedledumber: “King of Israel” Trump Impeached But Won’t Be…