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Ellen Brown on “Food Systems Under Attack?”, Henry Herskovitz on Defeating Jewish Power Lobby in 6th Circuit and US Supreme Court

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First hour: In an article published today, Ellen Brown notes that “our food systems seem to be under attack.” She cites reports of 99 accidental fires, farmers unable to get supplies, diesel prices putting farmers out of business, cyberattacks on agricultural companies, and mass cattle die-offs. How, she asks, did the Rockefeller Foundation know this was coming back in 2020? Are they creating a food crisis to push through a Great Food Reset, a.k.a. “Reset the Table“? Are they trying to create a huge, centralized food control grid—the exact opposite of the real solution, which is small, local, and resilient? And what role could currency reform play in defeating the Great (Food) Reset and returning power to sovereign, human-scale communities?

Second hour: Henry Herskovitz of Ann Arbor, MI appears to have defeated the Jewish Power Lobby in court. Such things don’t happen every day! The short version: Henry and his activist group got sued by some high-power deep-pockets Jewish Power folks who didn’t appreciate his weekly protests in front of the local synagogue. Normally, all a rich, powerful would-be censor has to do is scream “hate speech! harassment! anti-Semitism!” and the courts and other official institutions whimper in obsequious acquiescence. But this time it didn’t work. The courts have consistently sided with Henry and the First Amendment.

Henry writes:

Our Opponents Reach the End of their Rope

The Supreme Court of the United States has rejected both writs of certiorari from the individual plaintiffs, the most recent coming May 16, 2022 against the writ filed by “superlawyer” Nathan Lewin.  What remains is whether Judge Victoria Roberts’ ruling that the plaintiffs and lawyer Marc Susselman must pay Defendants’ attorneys stands the appeals process. And again, it’s not looking too good for the bad guys – see the scolding they get here by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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  1. They’re destroying religion, the family…and now our food supply? At what point will people rise up and say “enough is enough”? Dr. Kevin Barrett

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