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BREAKING! Georgia Guidestones Attack Suspect Identified

Larry Silverstein, Who Purchased the Guidestones Two Months Ago, Confesses to “Pulling” Them

Dissociated Press

A suspect has been identified in the demolition of the Georgia Guidestones: 91-year-old New York City businessman Larry Silverstein.

Silverstein, in interview for the new PBS documentary “Georgia Rebuilds,” says:

“I remember getting a call from the, er, State Police commander telling me they were not sure they could contain the damage. And I said, ‘well, you know, killing seven billion people would be such a terrible loss of life, that maybe the best thing to do is, is pull them. And so they made that decision to pull, and we watched the Guidestones collapse.”

Silverstein reportedly bought the condemned-for-asbestos Georgia Guidestones two months ago on a non-low-bid contract, paying around $15 million with another $100 billion from backers. After raising the terror insurance on the monument to 3.5 billion dollars per stone, Silverstein appears to have hit the jackpot when parties unknown proceeded to bomb and then demolish the monument.

Silverstein is currently suing his insurers, who wanted to limit the cash payout to a total of $14 billion ($3.5 billion for each of the four stones). But Silverstein is demanding $28 billion. The overinsured stonelord of two months is arguing—in a lawsuit filed in the court of Judge Alvin Hellerstein—that he should be paid double indemnity due to the two separate and unrelated terror attacks on the monument—the first with explosives, the second with bulldozers.

The odd thing about Silverstein’s lawsuit is that he apparently “has the stones” to be demanding a grotesquely excessive insurance payout on a monument that he himself has confessed to demolishing.

When asked whether the Guidestone demolition insurance fraud scheme resembled his 9/11 insurance fraud scheme, Silverstein heatedly denied the allegation: “Nonsense! Jewish lightning never strikes twice!”

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