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FFWN: “This madness mustn’t be tolerated!”

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch above or on my YouTube channel  (where we may or may not get censored) PSAs 1) Help FFWN expose 9ELEVEN 2) Urge Congress to rebuke Ilhan Omar for comparing self-defense group Hamas with genocidal “Israel” Zionist Entity 3) In Tel Aviv, a dance party celebrates the exit of the ‘crime minister.’ 4) Israeli to Build Major Listening Post in Guise of “Smart City” on Azeri-Iran Border War on Iran (elections there happening now) 5) ‘This madness mustn’t be tolerated’ Tehran says after ex-Mossad chief implies Israel played…


FFWN: Roger Waters Apologizes for Telling the Truth

Broadcasts live Saturdays 11 to Noon Eastern on This episode’s guest commentator is J. Michael Springmann PSA  1) Help FFWN Remain Unapologetic! COVID Agenda: Econopocalypse & War on China? 2) China conducting covert biological weapons research, State Dept. says (to set up China for the fall) 3 )The Second Great Depression Incitement 4) Largest Newspaper in Tennessee Publishes Huge Ad Saying “Islam” Will Nuke Nashville on July 28        For background on possible false flag nuking of US cities see: and 5) Trump Directs People to Watch Random Black on White Violence Video: ‘Looks What’s Going on Here’ Culture…