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LIVE RADIO! John Hankey Says COVID Biowar Vaccine Developed Long Before 2020; Peter Myers & Mike Springmann Continue COVID/Vaccine Conversation

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First hour: John Hankey, director of the new documentary COVID-19 Inside Job, argues that the COVID-19 vaccines we are seeing now must have been developed years ago by the germ warfare scientists who manufactured the virus itself. He casts derision on this claim:

“Moderna told reporters that their labs were already set up to make mRNA vaccines, so that once they downloaded that data (the COVID-19 genome) they were able to whip up a vaccine in two days.”

But wait! There has never been an mRNA vaccine for humans. There has never been a vaccine against any of the many coronavirus human pathogens, including those that cause the common cold, SARS, and MERS, despite decades of all-out efforts. So they’re telling us they whipped out a COVID-19 vaccine in two days?!

John Hankey is the director of Dark Legacy and The Assassination of JFK Jr..

Second hour: Peter Myers, then halfway through the hour J. Michael Springmann, continue the conversation. Peter recently sent out email digests of the following stories:

(0) Vatican is displaying the Archangel Michael as an ET
(1) Peter Navarro presents evidence of Election Theft
(2) RFKj on the Deep State – omits the Left side
(3) Robert F Kennedy Jr calls for allies to fight the Deep State
(4) DAESH (Islamic State) Terrorists were receiving welfare payments from Sweden
(5) Jewish Capitalists (Soros, The Economist, now Fink) impose WOKE agenda: “diversity, equity, and inclusion”
(6) Gantz: There is room in Jerusalem for a Palestinian capital
(7) French model agent held in Epstein case; recruited hundreds of women and girls for Epstein
(8) Coronavirus vaccine can be made mandatory, Brazil’s Supreme Court rules


(1) Doctors warn: Don’t take the Pfizer vaccine
(2) Association of American Physicians and Surgeons issues Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment
(3) Trials of Pfizer vaccine used unreliable PCR diagnostic test
(4) Professor Dr Pierre Kory tells Congress: Ivermectin is a “Miracle Drug” that Cures Covid!
(5) Ivermectin  trial  in 14 Bangladesh hospitals: 99.3% of COVID-19 patients recovered in five days
(6) Big Business Runs/Ruins the Healthcare Industry
(7) Asymptomatic Transmission is very rare
(8) Virologists file Stay of Action against Pfizer Civid vaccine

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