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LIVE RADIO! John Hankey Says COVID Biowar Vaccine Developed Long Before 2020; Peter Myers & Mike Springmann Continue COVID/Vaccine Conversation

Listen HERE First hour: John Hankey, director of the new documentary COVID-19 Inside Job, argues that the COVID-19 vaccines we are seeing now must have been developed years ago by the germ warfare scientists who manufactured the virus itself. He casts derision on this claim: “Moderna told reporters that their labs were already set up to make mRNA vaccines, so that once they downloaded that data (the COVID-19 genome) they were able to whip up a vaccine in two days.” But wait! There has never been an mRNA vaccine for humans. There has never been a vaccine against any of…


New Mandatory Vaccine Can Stop the Conspiracy Pandemic

Dissociated Press Guest Editorial by Dick Flaccidopholous, Director, Foundation for Undermining Conspiracy Theories (FUCT) What is your purpose in life? Why do you log in to the office every day? What talking points do you use to convince powerful people with money to give you some? Here at the Foundation for Undermining Conspiracy Theories we have a simple but elegant mission statement: “There are too many gol-danged conspiracy theories! We are FUCT! We’ve got to stop them!” Unfortunately, until now, it was easier said than done. But today, thanks to a new vaccine, all that has changed. The new ConspiraVax…


John Hankey: US Military Made Coronavirus & Vaccine, Trump Was Vaccinated in November

Listen HERE Researcher and filmmaker John Hankey comments on topics addressed in the recent webinar: Covid-19–A New 9/11 Style False Flag? Was Covid-19 made in a lab? Is it a bioweapon? Who made it? Deliberate or accidental release? If deliberate, who gains? Extracts from John Hankey’s statements in this interview: There was a story that broke last Friday that the U.S. has given a billion dollars to a lab in Oxford. This story was carried very, very quietly on the Today Show. They had a tiny segment, but I happened to stumble upon it. They interviewed the guy who runs the Oxford…