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BREAKING! Mutant Strain of COVID is 100% LETHAL

Dissociated Press The Center for Death Control (CDC) has warned that a new mutant strain of coronavirus has been associated with a 100% fatality rate in people who contact it. “What we’re saying, basically, is that everybody who catches this disease is going to die,” explained CDC doomsayer Vivian LaMorte. “Get this bug, and you are condemned to utter and complete extinction. Your body will break down and finally your heart will stop beating and you will be dead. Cold, stone dead. Your lungs won’t be pumping air. Your stomach won’t be digesting food. Your brain won’t be frantically trying…


FFWN: Malaysia, Russia accuse US of false flags

False Flag News 1) Malaysia accuses US/EU/Ukraine of MH-17 false flag 2) Ron Paul: US ‘likely hiding truth’ on downed Malaysian Flight MH17 3) CDC owns Ebola patent 4) Ebola threat: Real or false flag? 5) Russian Health Official:  Ebola = biowar? 6) AE911Truth putting up 9/11 truth billboards 7) AE911Truth debate challenge 8) Richard Clarke may have been a key player in 9/11 9) ANOTHER NINETEEN by Kevin Ryan 10) The Kevin Ryan Paradox: Prove it false by accepting it as true:  11) Kevin Ryan and J911S 12) ISIS…