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FFWN: Impeachment Insurrection, Censorship Epidemic

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Guest host J. Michael Springmann


1) Help FFWN Resist “Hybrid War”

Impeachment, Incitement, Insurrection

2) Trump was ‘loving watching the Capitol mob’ former White House official tells CNN

3) Capitol “Insurrection”: Democrats’ Video Montage

4) “Capitol Insurrection Hoax” Counter-Narrative

5) Opinion: My fellow Republicans convicting Trump is necessary to save America

Myanmar: This Is a Coup

6) Tens of thousands rise up against the coup in Myanmar

6B) Myanmar May Target Free Speech in Effort to Stifle Protests

Biden Swamp

7) Biden’s Nominee For New Cabinet-Level Science Position Is Epstein-Linked Geneticist 

8) Biden Appoints Obama’s Anti-9/11-Truth Czar Sunstein to DHS

Censorship Epidemic

9) Instagram removes vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. account with 800,000+ subscribers over ‘debunked claims about vaccines’

10) Facebook and YouTube ban ‘Planet Lockdown’ film  RFK Jr. Responds

11) Oliver Stone Claims New JFK Assassination Documentary Is Being Blocked In America 


12) Facebook to BAN claims about ‘man-made’ Covid-19 & ‘unsafe’ vaccines as it launches election-like campaign to promote vaccination

13) AP: Over 9,000 virus patients sent into NY nursing homes  

14) Lancet: Trump Policies Responsible for at least 200000 COVID Deaths (vital/detailed/devastating/referenced)

15) House Democrats Renew Investigation Into Trump-Era COVID-19 Response

16) Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremburg Code?

17) What Explains The Stunning Decline In Covid-19 Cases? 

War on China

18) WHO fact-finding mission: Animal source of Covid-19 still unidentified Wuhan laboratory leak ‘extremely unlikely’

19) The Chinese ‘Debt Trap’ Is a Myth 

War on Iran

20) Biden’s Iran Policy Is Just Trump’s Iran Policy With A Rainbow Flag Emoji 

Zionist Enemy

21) ICC’s “Landmark Decision” Could Open Door to Prosecuting Israel for War Crimes in Palestine 

22) Israel to Ask Allies to Pass ‘Discreet Message’ to ICC Not to Open Alleged War Crimes Probe – Report—report/

23) The ICC says it can investigate Israel’s alleged war crimes in Palestine. Netanyahu and Biden object.


24) Black Sheriff’s Deputy in Louisiana Dies by Suicide After Condemning Police Violence and Racism 

Big H

25) Polish court tells two Holocaust historians to apologise

26) (95-year-old) former secretary at Nazi camp charged over murder of 10,000 people 

27) Germany charges 100-year-old former Nazi camp guard

Free Money

28) Now Congress Wants to Give You $2000 — a Month

29) A majority of the people arrested for Capitol riot had a history of financial trouble    would Q Shaman be a nice normal guy if he just had UBI?

Techno Nightmares

30) ‘Hacker’ targets Florida water facility with poisonous caustic chemical used in drain cleaners. FBI & Secret Service investigate

31) Singaporean Professor Lectures for 2 Hours, Dies Inside After Realizing He was Muted the Whole Time

32) Texas lawyer, trapped by cat filter on Zoom call, informs judge he is not a cat

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