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Peter Myers Responds to “Chinese Debt Trap Is a Myth”; Michael Brenner Debunks West’s Anti-Russia Narrative

Listen live 8 to 10 pm Fridays on Revolution.Radio later archived HERE

The Anglo-Zionist empire’s stale propaganda war on Russia and China, and the Eurasian bloc they are building, drones on in the MSM. Let’s open the Overton window and let some fresh air in!

First hour: NWO researcher Peter Myers is one of many Australians concerned about Chinese financial encroachment, or “debt trap imperialism.” But are Chinese lenders really as predatory as Western economic hit men? Even the Atlantic now tells us that the “Chinese debt trap”—at least the Sri Lanka version—is a myth. We’ll also discuss other subjects taken up in Peter’s email digest. To subscribe, contact him at myerspeterg(at)

Bremmer, Michael 2008 (Photo by Marsha Miller/UT Austin)

Second hour: International Affairs professor Michael Brenner questions the anti-Russian hysteria emanating from the alleged poisoning of wannabe color-revolutionist Navalny. Like Peter Myer, Michael Brenner “blogs” via his email list, which is very much worth subscribing to:

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