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Alan Sabrosky on “Blue Terror”

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Is half the country demonizing the other half as “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists”? Will the half that dominates the media succeed in silencing the other half through ever-escalating censorship? Will the blues eventually send the reds to re-education camps, where they can memorize hundreds of genders to rehabilitate themselves? Will the camps be on the beach in San Diego? If so, send me there ASAP! Can’t wait to learn those gender pronouns!

But seriously…today’s guest, Alan Sabrosky, thinks we’re entering Democrat Dystopia: “A while back, I wrote about dystopias, but the viciousness and utter vindictiveness of the Democrats exceed by far my own dismal expectations. It is, of course, true to form – Marxist form, that is – and shows signs of being patterned on what the victorious ‘Reds’ (read ‘blues’ here) meted out to the defeated ‘Whites’ after Russia’s Civil War.”

“Doc Sabrosky” and I disagree on many things. But we agree that the whiff of left-leaning politically-correct totalitarianism is in the air, that the media has grown outlandishly biased, and that the censorship epidemic is destroying America.

Alan Sabrosky spent ten years in Marine Corps. He is the former Director of Studies at the United States Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute where he held the position of The Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. Some view Dr. Sabrosky, the best known advocate of the “Israel did 9/11” thesis, as today’s equivalent of Smedley Butler, the legendary whistleblowing Marine Corps general.

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