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Alan Sabrosky on “Blue Terror”

Listen HERE Is half the country demonizing the other half as “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists”? Will the half that dominates the media succeed in silencing the other half through ever-escalating censorship? Will the blues eventually send the reds to re-education camps, where they can memorize hundreds of genders to rehabilitate themselves? Will the camps be on the beach in San Diego? If so, send me there ASAP! Can’t wait to learn those gender pronouns! But seriously…today’s guest, Alan Sabrosky, thinks we’re entering Democrat Dystopia: “A while back, I wrote about dystopias, but the viciousness and utter vindictiveness of the Democrats…


Clinton crime family hijacked Democratic Party: Scholar

Press TV The Clinton crime family hijacked the Democratic Party, American scholar Kevin Barrettsays. Barrett, who is an author journalist and radio host in Madison, Wisconsin told Press TV in an interview on Saturday that in the United States the Democratic Party had traditionally represented the working class and the Republican Party the rich billionaires. However, with the arrival of the Clinton duo at the helm of US politics that has changed. “After the Clinton family got hold of the Democratic Party in the 1990s, it became the other party of the billionaires,” Barrett said. “A lot of Americans, and…