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Peter Simpson on “Does It Matter Who Wins the Election?”

Listen HERE Philosophy professor Peter Simpson responded to my forthcoming Crescent International article “Does It Really Matter Who Wins the US Presidential Election?” (the short answer is no) writing: “Well I’m afraid I have to agree with your sentiments in the piece you posted (‘afraid’ because it would be nice if things were different). However untypical Trump is as president (for good or ill), he can’t break the system. The reason of course, in my view anyway, is the Constitution, which was written by oligarchs for oligarchs. You didn’t quite say that — perhaps that would really be going too far…


Clinton crime family hijacked Democratic Party: Scholar

Press TV The Clinton crime family hijacked the Democratic Party, American scholar Kevin Barrettsays. Barrett, who is an author journalist and radio host in Madison, Wisconsin told Press TV in an interview on Saturday that in the United States the Democratic Party had traditionally represented the working class and the Republican Party the rich billionaires. However, with the arrival of the Clinton duo at the helm of US politics that has changed. “After the Clinton family got hold of the Democratic Party in the 1990s, it became the other party of the billionaires,” Barrett said. “A lot of Americans, and…