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FFWN: 2001 Anthrax Anniversary: BioWar = ZioWar? (with J. Michael Springmann)

Watch live 11 to noon Eastern on PSA 1) Help FFWN Expose Biowar & Ziowar! Biowar 2) A Hacker Said He Had Proof the CIA Caused the Anthrax Attacks. They Had Him Arrested for Child Porn. 3) Twitter bans Chinese virologist claiming that coronavirus was made in a lab 4) Facebook Censors Tucker Carlson, WaPo Lies Claiming “Scientific Consensus” Against Made-in-Lab Hypothesis 5) Biowar Criminals Fabricated Risible “Scientific Consensus” Mad King Trump? 6) Trump suggests he would ‘negotiate’ a 3rd term as president because he is ‘probably entitled’ to it 7) Trump keeps telling people to vote twice,…


Facemasks Not Enough—Now California Mandates Blindfolds Too

Dissociated Press California Governor Gavin Noisome has ordered a statewide mandatory blindfolding policy to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Noisome’s Executive Odor 666-666 requires all citizens to wear blindfolds as well as masks whenever they leave their homes, and revokes all health and religious exemptions from masking and blindfolding. “Studies show that when you blink, your eyelashes scatter tiny droplets of moisture into the atmosphere, potentially contributing to the spread of COVID-19,” Noisome explained at this morning’s press conference. “The best way to stop these moisture droplets is at the source, by wearing a cloth blindfold over your eyes.…