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FFWN: Resistance Victory in Gaza!

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays —watch live above (no longer broadcasting on censorship-infested YouTube)

Featuring J. Michael Springmann

1) Help FFWN Burst Bubbles

2) Good News for Iran. And Maybe for the US?


3) Biden administration plans to release three Guantanamo Bay inmates, including a 9/11 ‘conspirator’ and Osama Bin Laden’s suspected bodyguard, who have been held for nearly 20 years 

4) Interview with Philip Shenon: Lessons from the Uncensored History of the 9/11 Commission

5) Parallels Between the Phony War on Terror and the Current Pandemic

Resistance Victory! Gaza Bloody but Unbowed

5.5) Leader congratulates Palestinian nation on resistance victory against Israeli regime

6) Zio Media pretends Hamas Struck out of the blue for no reason

7) Netanyahu Warns Biden Not to Get Involved But Biden gives Israel more weapons even as Gaza is bleeding

8)Biden approves $735M weapons sale to Israel 

9) ADL hit parade of anti-Zionist signs: Is comparing Israel to Hitler & Satan unfair to Nazis & Satanists?

10) Italian port workers refuse to load arms shipment destined for Israel

11) Israel Is Carrying Out Mass Murder, Aided and Abetted by the US

12) According to Khamenei’s prediction Israel has 19 years left, for Kissinger it’s next year


13) Black Lives Matter comes out in solidarity with Palestinians

14) Columbus reaches record-breaking $10 million settlement with family of Andre Hill who was shot dead by police officer as he emerged from friend’s home holding a phone

Biowar Origins

15) Breaking the Silence on the Origins of Covid-19 

16) Ron Unz on “The Truth” and “The Whole Truth” About the Origins of Covid-19

17) Scientists agree: The COVID lab-leak theory isn’t just a conspiracy theory 

Bill Gates: Rumors and Mosquitos are Buzzing

18) Why Are Gates and Pentagon Releasing GMO Mosquitoes in Florida Keys?

19) Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Gave Bill Gates a “Respite from His Marriage” Says Witness

Corona Controversies

20) Tucker Carlson: Father Fauci says the pious must wear masks 

21) Another View: A Maskless US Heads Down a Dark Road as the Covid Pandemic Rages On  (Dave Lindorff appears Truth Jihad Radio Friday May 21)

22) Eric Clapton ‘Feared He Would Never Play Again’ After AstraZeneca Vaccine, Says ‘Propaganda’ Overstated Safety 

23) Santa Clara County Businesses Must Now Track Vaccination Status of Employees

24) California AG: Buying or printing fake COVID-19 vaccination cards is a crime 

25) Long Covid ‘Symptoms’ in Teens are No Less Common in Those Who Haven’t Had the Virus – Study 


26) “They going to show up and kick me out”: Millions face eviction when moratorium ends 

27) The Myth of Labor Shortages

Red vs. Blue

28) Trump Orders Republicans to Block Investigation Into the Insurrection He Caused

29) Space Force commander fired after comments made on conservative podcast

Criminal Inquiries

30) New York prosecutor says Trump inquiry now criminal

31) Hackers Behind Colonial Pipeline Shutdown Extorted $90 Million From Dozens Of Victims

32) UK Man Gets 3 Years in Prison for Teaching His Dog Nazi Salute

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