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FFWN: What If We Told You the “News” Is Just a Distraction?

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1) “What If I Told You” FFWN Needs Your Support?

2) Justice Rising Live Stream from AE911truth FREE Sept 11-13

3) 9/11 Families and Experts to Appeal Egregious NIST Building 7 Decision

4) Coming Soon! 9/11 Truth Film Festival.

5) If You’re Near Madison WI on 9/11/2020…

COVID Unveiled

6) RFK Jr. Speech at Berlin Corona Demonstration

7) “Reichstag Stormed by Corona Deniers”: New Gladio False Flag in Berlin?

8) A top White House coronavirus adviser is reportedly pushing the Trump administration to adopt a controversial ‘herd immunity’ strategy

9) CDC to states: Ready vaccine distribution for November (2 days before the election)

10) New York Times Estimates 90% of ‘Positive’ COVID Test Results Really Are Negative

11) It Appears COVID-19 Is Fizzling Out Across the Nation

12) WA man set to be first Australian fitted with tracking device for alleged COVID-19 breach

13) COVID-19 Lockdowns Over 10 Times More Deadly Than Pandemic Itself -Study

14) Up to 204,691 extra deaths in the US so far in this pandemic year

Failing US Health Care System

15) Lancet Study Finds US Has, By Far, The World’s Most Overpriced Medical Care

16) With Canada and Mexico borders closed, Americans are trapped in their own health care system

War on Freedom

17) U.S. court: Mass surveillance program exposed by Snowden was illegal

18) Atlantic on Demise of Academic Freedom: No Mention of 9/11, Zionism, Tony Hall

War on Main Street

19) (Trump could make) Social Security could come to a screeching halt

War on Islam

20) Satirical paper Charlie Hebdo reruns Muhammad cartoons as 14 go on trial for Paris attacks  Background:

War on Russia

21) Return of Son of Novichok! Navalny the New Skripal?

22) German politicians want to stop Nord Stream 2 due to assassination attempt of Russian opposition leader

War on China

23) China planning to double its stockpile of nuclear warheads: Pentagon

24) Why China is better prepared than other economic powers for any global crisis

25) Open Immigration Floodgates to Defeat China! -NY Mag

26) Invasion Arguments: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Domestic Extremists

27) Suspect in Portland shooting of Trump supporter KILLED (Suicided?) during attempted arrest

28) NPR features Leftist Lunatic advocating Looting in America

29) Israel Funding Anti-Islam Hate Groups in US

30) White Jewish Professor Built Academic Career by Pretending to Be Black—Gets Caught and Cancels Herself

Did Trump Really Say That?

31) Trump Embraces Fringe Theories on Protests and the Coronavirus

32) Mini-Stroke Over Par

33) Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’

34) Trump says North Carolina voters should vote twice; once by mail, once in person

35) Trump to Dead Supporters: Vote Early and Often!


36) Vote at Home. Vote by Mail. Great to live in an intelligent state, says Allan

37) 400,000+ Americans sick of political duopoly turn out for virtual ‘People’s Convention’ & vote to launch new anti-corporate party

Jewish Cartoon Dogs

38) Scooby Doo Just Solved The COVID-19 Mystery

39) How Scooby-Doo became TV’s most Jewish cartoon dog

Warp Speed?

40) A Faster-Than-Light Warp Drive-Powered Spaceship May Be Possible

9 Thoughts to “FFWN: What If We Told You the “News” Is Just a Distraction?”


    Is the YouTube “Violation” of their mysterious TOS permanent or just a strike and you will return next week? Your efforts are important for our times. See you next week somewhere Dr. Barrett. En Shallah mi amigo.


  3. Mike

    I always download FFWN using NewPipe with conversion to audio for listening offline. With Bitchute, I view the video’ source code using VT View Source, search for mp4 in the source code, select the video link and then download. With whatever alternative platform you choose, please make sure the episodes can be download, preferably as audio. Appreciate all yo do.

    1. That is a good point. I’ll pass it on to Allan.

  4. MarzTheron

    You should be putting your videos up on Bitchute. That’s where all a lot of the censored people are posting these days.

    1. We can’t livestream to BitChute. I will consider starting an account there and uploading. But it may take awhile, since I have slow internet which freezes for everyone for a long time every time I upload a large file.

  5. it rather is somewhat untimely to communicate over with Gordon Brown because of fact the “out-going PM” – we’ve not had the election yet, and there remains each and every possibility that Labour will win, possible former Tory Deputy PM Lord Heseltine publicly accepts is extremely achieveable

  6. What proof exists indicating that COVID19 actually exist?
    PCR test is a joke.

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