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FFWN: Censorship battle keeps heating up!

PSA   1) Beat censorship—support FFWN 2) And join our email list so you’ll know where to watch us: email or go to Censorship Outrages 3) YouTube does not allow the questioning of inconsistencies in the official New Zealand attack narrative or of any potential false flag 4) YouTube edits video descriptions to oppose the assertions made by the video’s author. 5) 60 Minutes: “The Worst Part of Losing Your Child in a Mass Shooting Is People Calling It a False Flag”  (5:57 – 6:56) 6) Alex Jones Claims ‘Psychosis’ Made Him Believe Sandy Hook Was a Hoax 7) Academic Corruption,…


This week’s False Flag Weekly News banned from YouTube!

Watch today’s False Flag Weekly News above. Click HERE for links to the stories we covered. Censors’ kangaroo courts are really hopping! And we’re hopping mad. Last Sunday YouTube assessed a strike against NoLiesRadio. They claim that one of the hundreds or thousands of videos posted there, apparently a videotaped speaking event from many years ago, violated their terms of service. But they won’t explain HOW it violated them. And now that the video is gone there is no way to assess the claim. Welcome to Franz Kafka meets Alice in Wonderland! Due to the YouTube strike FFWN could not…