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FFWN: E. Michael Jones Protests YouTube Ban—Live on YouTube!

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1) Help FFWN Speak Truth to YouTube Power!

2) Israel just bombed Iran. How can we stop a war?

War on Iran

3) Israel Attacked Natanz Nuclear Site—Retaliation Would Be Legitimate—Iran Can Devastate Dimona Any Time

4) NYT: ‘Powerful Bomb’ Planted by Israel Behind Natanz Station Explosion

5) US violated UN Charter with drone strike on Soleimani – UN rapporteur on extrajudicial executions

Digital Totalitarianism

6) Following Amazon, YouTube Bans & Deletes E. Michael Jones

7) YouTube reverses two-year ban of The Health Ranger, then bans the first video that’s uploaded which urges viewers to move to

8) New Yorker’s “Future of Online Speech” Completely Ignores First Amendment Issues

9) New Yorker: US Should Confront Racist History by Following German Model (Burn 1st Amendment, Imprison Dissidents?)

10) Reaction to Letter on Justice and Open Debate Proves its Point

Culture Wars

11) Trump angers Neil Young by using three of his songs at controversial Mount Rushmore event ‘This is NOT ok with me,’ musician wrote

12) DeSean Jackson in Eagles limbo after ‘appalling’ Adolf Hitler post

13) Holocaust survivor invites Eagles’ DeSean Jackson to Auschwitz

13B) DeSean Jackson’s “Draconian Punishment for Misquoting Hitler”: Traded Back to Washington R*dsk*ns

14) This town of 170,000 replaced some cops with medics and mental health workers. It’s worked for over 30 years


15) Ghislaine threatened witness Mossad will shoot her in the back of the head

16) Alan Dershowitz Starts Defending Ghislaine Maxwell—Implicitly Threatens Prosecutors

17) Fox News says it ‘mistakenly’ cropped Trump out of photo featuring Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell


18) CJ Hopkins on “Mask Totalitarianism”

19) Kansas GOP county chair apologizes for newspaper cartoon comparing mask order to Holocaust

20) Tulsa health official: Trump rally ‘likely’ source of virus surge

21) NN Taleb on “Incompetence and Errors in Reasoning Around Face Covering”

22) Coronavirus can float in air and WHO and CDC should tell people that, experts say

23) “No one has died from the coronavirus” —Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association

24) Spain’s coronavirus antibodies study adds evidence against herd immunity

Wall Street’s War on China/Russia/Afghanistan/Palestine/Main Street

25) U.S. sends carriers to South China Sea during Chinese military drills

26) China challenges U.S. to cut nuclear arsenal to matching level

27) World War 3 fears: Russia brags about S-500 missiles which can shoot down satellites

28) House Democrats, Working With Liz Cheney, Restrict Trump’s Planned Withdrawal of Troops From Afghanistan and Germany

29) Mainstream Liberal Jewish Case for Equality in Binational Israel-Palestine: “Two-State Solution Is Dead”

30) U.S. Federal Reserve Ready To Buy Stocks to Prop Up Wall St. While Main Street Burns

Don’t Worry, If We Kill Off the Birds They Can Be Replaced

31) Robotic birds capable of amazingly realistic flight shown off by German company


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