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This week’s False Flag Weekly News banned from YouTube!

Watch today’s False Flag Weekly News above. Click HERE for links to the stories we covered.

Censors’ kangaroo courts are really hopping! And we’re hopping mad.

Last Sunday YouTube assessed a strike against NoLiesRadio. They claim that one of the hundreds or thousands of videos posted there, apparently a videotaped speaking event from many years ago, violated their terms of service. But they won’t explain HOW it violated them. And now that the video is gone there is no way to assess the claim. Welcome to Franz Kafka meets Alice in Wonderland!

Due to the YouTube strike FFWN could not broadcast live this week. Nor could we post the show on the usual channel. So instead we posted it at Vimeo. And we’re working on finding better alternatives to YouTube.

Obviously this is pure harassment and censorship. It has nothing to do with “community standards”—and everything to do with a certain powerful Lobby trying to suppress information and views it disagrees with.

So who doesn’t want you to watch False Flag Weekly News, and why? Hint: The two biggest MSM-censored issues we cover regularly are: (1) 9/11 and related false flags; and (2) Zionist occupation of both Palestine and the USA. Both are sensitive topics in some quarters.

Don’t let the censors win! Help us push back. Help us keep FFWN alive.  DONATE to the cause, and email  to get on our list so we can inform you about each show and where to watch it.

Thank you for letting freedom ring!

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor



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