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Mass shootings, mass censorship: Charles Moscowitz and Doovid ask the hard questions

Listen HERE Conservative talk show host Charles Moscowitz  was about to interview Jewish interfaith activist Doovid when the latter suggested bringing me into the conversation. The three of us have very different political perspectives and religious worldviews. But we all agree that free speech is in danger—and that YouTube and other social media platforms should honor the Constitution and encourage, rather than ban,  questioning official versions of violent events. Specifically, until those responsible for Operation Gladio are prosecuted, we should assume that any act of apparently senseless violence targeting civilians could be part of Gladio B.


INSANE Youtube censorship algorithm bans friendly Muslim-Jewish interfaith dialogue!

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor A Muslim and a Jew walked into a YouTube channel, engaged in some friendly interfaith dialogue…and got banned for “hate speech.” I wish that were a joke. Shortly after I posted yesterday’s interview with Doooovid, an independent Jewish intellectual and interfaith activist, YouTube banned the video, claiming it violated their anti-hate-speech guidelines. Listen to the banned conversation HERE Why would YouTube ban this totally cordial, utterly hate-free conversation? I can think of two possible reasons. First, YouTube’s AI (Artificial Idiocy) algorithm may have seen the word “Jew” twice in the title and “thought” to itself:…


Kevin Barrett asks Doooovid “What Makes a Jew a Jew?” and “What Is Anti-Semitism?”

Listen HERE Doooovid is an independent Jewish thinker and interfaith activist. In this interview Kevin Barrett, who recently lectured on anti-Semitism at the ISTAC institute in Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia (and has occasionally and libelously been called anti-Semitic by Bnai Brith) asks Doovid: “What Makes a Jew a Jew?” and “What Is Anti-Semitism?” Note: The idiots and/or idiotic algorithms at YouTube banned this video as “hate speech.” It will very likely be reinstated when a non-moronic human being (assuming YouTube employs any) considers the appeal.